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    Lora, Listo, Raza and Robo

    We did it, special congrats to Listo because he pulled off this doc gambit

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    Even if Listo claimed VT I would still go for Crackle first. Their play this game was really questionable imo, but thats ok. We all have those games that just don't go well.

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    One thing to note: You did not have to lynch Robo to win, unless he was recruited.

    But well played everyone
    In theory no, but in reality we had to because he still had a vote. If he would get to final 3 with scum and town he could just vote no-lynch and his buddy could hammer that. In the night they could just kill last town and gg.

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    Thread done, lock please and thank you!
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    The masked fox does speak with a tongue of the purest silver, that much is true. But what does it say? "Trust me. Trust me, for I speak the truth. Trust me, for I will sacrifice myself for the good of your beloved town!"

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    No lock, my thread now

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    my thread actually. i won the game.

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    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.

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    As per request, locked.

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