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    Yes and no. My (resto)Shaman has more unique Keybinds but my (resto)Druid has more unique abilities.

    Many Druid abilities are Form specific, so when you swap to that form (or no form) you get a new Action bar. Your Extra action bars don't change with spec (unless you setup paging with an addon) so I generally put things like CD's and Utility on an "all forms" bar.

    As I main Resto, I'm used to using Clique. I use Clique instead of Mouse Over Macro's because I don't need to put any healing abilities on my Action bars.
    Rejuvination, for example, is bound to "1" in Clique. I could be in Feral with Reso affinity and all I need to do is Mouseover myself (or a part member) and press 1 to cast a Rejuv. Some to Dispel, innervate or Battle Rez someone. The Clique bind work across all specs.

    On the Action Bar however, 1 is also Moonfire, Rake or Mangle depending on my Form/Spec
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    Quote Originally Posted by procne View Post
    What if I want to heal someone with regrowth and he dies just as I'm about to click, and now I wasted rebirth
    I was thinking that this never happened to me in multiple addons, but then again I'm not a healer.
    He has to die before you click and it's not an instant cast though, so you should have ample time to interrupt yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    Couldn't you simplify the latter to "/cast [talent:5/3] Incarnation: Chosen of Elune; Celestial Alignment"?
    Yes, that works

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    These are my old macros from Legion, im in process of updating them, however they will give you general idea.
    While druid has a lot of buttons, a lot of them can be macroed. Tho macros are not usually best route to go.

    Full disclaimer. Because sometimes disclaimers need to be mentioned. Tho these macros fully work as they are, i havent updated them recently and there is some stuff that can be changed for better QoL or simply shorten them.
    Im just lazy to mess with them since they work. I also dont recommend fully macroing your spells as macros can actually impact your performance.
    Im using mine since WoD-Legion so my muscle memory is trained for these. As well as using several custom made WA to track my cooldowns.
    It also helps muscle memory to learn your macros if you macro/place similar functional abilities on same buttons across all specs/classes that you play. For instance - across all my classes/specs spec movement abilities are on button 10 in action bar, main CDs are on 11 and interrupts on 12.

    /castsequence [spec:2,nostealth,nomod]Shred;[spec:2,nostealth,mod]Swipe;[spec:2,stealth]Rake;[spec:3,nomod]Swipe;[spec:3,mod]Maul;[spec:4,nomod]Healing Touch; [spec:4,mod]Swiftmend;
    Feral, stealth - Rake.
    Feral, no mod, no stealth - Shred.
    Feral, mod, no stealth - Swipe.
    Guardian, no mod - Swipe.
    Guardian, mod - Maul.
    Resto, no mod - Healing Touch.
    Resto, mod - Swiftmend.

    /castsequence [spec:2,nomod]Rake;[spec:2,mod]Thrash;[spec:3,nomod]Thrash;[spec:3,mod]Moonfire;[spec:4,nomod]Rejuvenation;[spec:4,mod]Regrowth;
    Feral, no mod - Rake.
    Feral, mod - Thrash.
    Guardian, no mod - Thrash.
    Guardian, mod - Moonfire.
    Resto, no mod - Rejuvenation.
    Resto, mod - Regrowth.

    /castsequence [spec:2,nomod]Ferocious Bite;[spec:2,mod]Rip;[spec:3,nomod]Ironfur;[spec:3,mod]Frenzied Regeneration;[spec:4,nomod]Lifebloom;[spec:4,mod]Wild Growth;
    /cast [spec:2]Tiger's Fury
    Feral - Tiger's Fury.
    Feral, no mod - Ferocious Bite.
    Feral, mod - Rip.
    Guardian, no mod - Ironfur.
    Guardian, mod - Frenzied Regen.
    Resto, no mod - Lifebloom.
    Resto, mod - Wild Growth.

    /cast [form:2,nocombat]Prowl;[noform:1,combat,nomod]Regrowth;[form:1,nomod]Growl;[stance:1,mod]Cat Form;[noform:2,nomod]Cat Form;[noform:1,mod]Bear Form;
    Cat form, no combat - Prowl.
    Not Bear form, combat, no mod - Regrowth.
    Bear form, no mod - Growl.
    Bear form, mod - Cat form.
    Not Cat form, no mod - Cat form.
    Not Bear form, mod - Bear form.

    Travel and combat:
    /use [combat,nomod,indoors][combat,nomod,outdoors]Rebirth;[outdoors,nocombat,noform:3][swimming,noform:3][mod]Travel Form;[indoors,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[nospec:1]Bear Form
    combat, no mod - Rebirth.
    no combat, outdoors, swimming - Travel form.
    mod - Travel form.
    Feral, no Cat form - Cat form.
    Balance, no Moonkin form - Moonkin form.
    Guardian, no Bear form - Bear form.

    Bear one-button macro:
    /castsequence [nomod] reset=combat Thrash, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe;
    /castsequence [mod] reset=combat Thrash, Swipe;
    /cast [mod] Berserk
    No mod - Thrash, Swipe, Swipe Swipe.
    Mod - Berserk
    Mod - Thrash, Swipe. - due to reduced CD on Thrash while Berserk is active.
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    Not really but I do use weakaura

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