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    How is Warrior doing with surviving in Shadowlands? (sustain question)

    Something I was deliberating on was picking between Warrior or DK for an alt(main is Paladin) but I was curious how people are faring against things in Shadowlands.

    How does Warrior fare in the Maw for example? Or Torghast solo?
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    I wouldn't do maw or torghast as dps when prot is shining in both. Having dragon charge is a godsend in the maw and just being a tank is amazing. Prot also has next to no "useless" torghast powers unlike the dps specs.

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    Been doing everything as Arms. It's cooldown heavy so very strong for short combat duration, though for the harder Maw elite rares with more health and dangerous abilities you may struggle without clever use of second wind to heal back up, Fury survival doesn't have the invincibility of DBTS but long term it can heal itself up, not really played Prot much so no comment.

    In Torghast a lot of the Anima caters well to Warrior so you have a lot of potential to just end up outright unstoppable. From Arms perspective an example is you don't really need to press Slam often as Venthyr (or really at all) and so if you get the anima that buffs slam damage based on how many vases you've smashed (it's very common) you just take Slam off your bars until the level 6 boss, on one of this weeks bosses it hit for 93k for a single GCD. You also get the anima 10% max duration of DBTS for every use quite commonly, which means if you really wanted you could game it to have 100% uptime, making you unkillable vs melee. if you get the Shattering Throw Anima it can simply 1shot the end boss in a single cast (all 3 specs).

    Not to waffle on but it feels like it's actually hard to get a bad anima loadout as Warrior, Torghast has been trivial. All that said, Unholy is currently one of the strongest specs in the game and DK is not exactly having trouble in Torghast, it's definitely going to be as always a better soloing class than Warrior.
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    Only playing as arms, it seems all around great solo. if you ever need to heal, second wind kiting usually works and makes a lot of things soloable.

    Torghast is ezpz, except maybe solo soulforges but even thats not too bad. Have noticed dps wise arms starts to lag behind on some m0 fights due to execute phase not quite being long enough. But it does well overall

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    I had some survivability issues at the start of the expansion, but that could have been due to my poor gear. Now that I'm max and have a bit of gear, Torghast is not really a problem at all. I play as arms.

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    I'm at 167 ilvl, and I can't see myself living long as Arms, compared to Fury. 2x Rampages heal me, BT heals me, Imp Vic heals me.
    I'm talking PvE/Torghast, of course.

    EDIT: I guess I'm doing something wrong as Arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grishnaar View Post
    I'm at 167 ilvl, and I can't see myself living long as Arms, compared to Fury. 2x Rampages heal me, BT heals me, Imp Vic heals me.
    I'm talking PvE/Torghast, of course.

    EDIT: I guess I'm doing something wrong as Arms?
    If you're Venthyr then Condemn gives you a shield, and since Condemn is spammable as Arms it's significant. Condemn also technically allows second wind to keep ticking, though it's not that significant it can "technically" save you during the execute range and allow you to heal back up. Arms spammable execute also makes it really good for chaining Victory Rush vs multiple targets in a really predictable way.

    Then you have die by the sword, which allows Arms to survive pulls that would kill a Fury Warrior. if you were to pull a massive pack, warbreaker and bladestorm you can survive pretty much any pull for 8 seconds, after which time you will have generated enough rage to Ignore Pain and then commence execute cleaving and chaining victory rushes.

    Arms is weak against high health elites in single target though, unless you can find a way to trigger second wind (aka kiting). I mean setting aside Condemn/Ignore Pain all of this was true in previous expansions for Arms too.
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    this xpac is Condemn/10

    my pp hasnt been this hard since pre-nerf wotlk frost strike

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    I do everything as Fury NecroBro. Things aren't terrible but they do get rough sometimes. This week I made the Leaper legendary and that has increased my survivability greatly.

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    Venthyr Arms is 100% the way to be. It just outshines Fury in every department - Single target damage, Cleave damage, survivability and PvP.

    2 Glaring issues I see with Fury; Slam should of been another rage generator not vice versa which makes it absolutely useless and they simply can't afford the spare rage to use Ignore Pain as it loses you to ability to use Rampage whereas Arms can.

    The only problem I've found with Arms is Condemn spamming to 5-7k dps at the start of fights can leave you absolutely rage starved with keeping up the Mastery debuff at the same time. I spec into Skullsplitter to rectify it, it does help a tiny bit but when you're low on rage and Slam isn't proccing Tactician fights can seem very slow and it borderline feels like that time when you're leveling a Warrior between 1-30 in Classic waiting for Overpower or Warbreaker to come up.

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