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    Leveled two characters to 60 the traditional way and had a blast. Have two characters going through threads of fate and it feels alot slower than progressing through the story. Each way has it's benefits though

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    For me yes it was boring, hoping the alt experience with world quests will be more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    How in the Eternal Sun's name did I ever "twist your point"? If anything, l agree with you to a large extent, my only disagreement being that not all of the levelling process is as bland and overall crappy as in Bastion. Maldraxxus is already a bit better, if only because it is easier to get around - although I cba to give a flying #@$& about this orc lady whose only merit seems to consist of having spawned Thrall, "but not actually" (as with all things WoD).

    Ardenweald is pretty, but once again, I can't give a damn about this Disney version of fairies and the like. They randomly threw Ysera in the mix in order to try to link the zone to... Well, something better known by players.

    Only Revendreth stands as something better thought and overall more polished. But it's too little, too late, since I was on the verge of quitting after enduring a huge cba stroke during Ardenweald and especially, during Bastion.
    Sorry! Sorry! My bad 100%. I must have got cross-eyed or something with the poster directly above yours where Depakote said "Seems you're mad about having to play the game."

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    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Looks like you quoted the wrong person and posted in the wrong thread.
    He asked when was any leveling experience with any expansion fun. And, yes, while this is not really expansion leveling, it is kind of their rework of leveling that came with/just before SL.

    All I'm trying to say is that all those comments like "you are just getting tired of wow", "you don't like wow anymore and should quit", "wow isn't for you", "all leveling is boring", "when was leveling ever fun", "looks like you should quit c ya thx buy" are wrong.

    Some leveling in wow is fun, not all leveling in wow is fun. And it is straight up proof that it's not people getting old or bored, that they've played too much and know everything about wow. It really does mean that certain game designs are simple bad and boring.

    Current 10-50 feels fun. (due to how leveling works in older zones)
    Classic (sure, may be not for everyone) is fun.
    I personally like Legions leveling even though it was on rails. (didn't love it, but liked it enough)

    But most on the rails force story leveling systems are boring and feel very pointless and single player which is pretty obvious based on playerbase's reaction.

    If a game sells well - all it means is that marketing was done right and nothing to do with expansion quality.

    Refunds and people quitting before getting 60 or right after getting 60 - says that game design is bad and leveling is bad / boring.

    Most on these forum use these weird metrics for quality. Everyone praises Wotlk for how many people played it, but a huge part of wrath's success - is TBC's success. People heard how good TBC was and when wotlk came out they jumped right on it (and obviously stayed since it was a very good expansion).

    Unusual spikes in sales for other expansions are caused by smart blizzard's marketing. Most of them were based on nostalgia and bringing old wow back.

    Cata - going to old revamped world is basically like classic again (then playerbase drop off since it wasn't)
    BfA - it's like orcs vs humans again, basically gonna be like classic wow all over (it wasn't)

    I know a lot of people that skipped pandaria and legion on a sole reason that Cata and WoD were terrible and they didn't want to get burned again. And unfortunately for those people those were the good expansions.

    To sum it up - leveling experience in SL ain't that great.
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    I'm SHOCKED that OP, whose forum name is "WoWIsDead64" finds fault with the new expansion. Utterly shocked.

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    I have to say, I'm enjoying Threads of Fate more than 3 out of the 4 leveling zones during the on-rails campaign...

    Yes, it's slower, but it's just so damned FREE! And even as a DPS, I never have longer than 3 minute queues for dungeons.

    If they just up the XP on bonus objectives for the amount of effort they require, it'd be golden.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCowdog View Post
    After thinking about it for a bit more, I think what's happening to me this time around is that I have been completely disillusioned with WoW. I really only just want to play the end game. And the leveling barrier filled with escort quests, exposition NPCs, and other forms of unskippable cutscenes holds NO value for me like it did in previous expansions.

    I just REALLY don't give two dogshits about the story this time around. I don't care about Anduin, or Jaina, or Thrall, or some faceless NPC introduced this expansions. If Blizzard could stop wasting my time to pad their fucking engagement figures, and just let me play the god damned game without holding me back constantly and sticking their god damned fingers in my face every 5 minutes trying to tell me how to play and what's fun..... yeah...that'd be great.
    I don't know if there's something else going on with you but... you need to get some perspective. Step away, something. Because that's an irrationally over the top rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomfellow View Post
    -- snip snip --
    I repeat:
    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Looks like you quoted the wrong person and posted in the wrong thread.
    If you're going to quote someone, speak to the quote. Don't go off on a tangent. Standard forum etiquette in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    I'm SHOCKED that OP, whose forum name is "WoWIsDead64" finds fault with the new expansion. Utterly shocked.
    It's always fun to look back at decades-old posts.

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    I enjoyed the linear leveling of SL better than BFA. I'd say 50-60 was enjoyable overall.

    WoW Classic
    Frostchi-Grobbulus (60 Dwarf Paladin)

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    So now I've had a chance to experience the full on basic quest experience as well as a bit of Threads of Fate, and having completed 100% of all mandatory and optional quests, including reading every single quest text meticulously on my first go around, I find Threads of Fate a far superior experience to normal questing.

    Unfortunately I'll still have to bring a clothie, a leather- and a plate wearer through the regular experience to unlock the transmogs from quest rewards, but the rest of my characters will definitely be leveling with Threads of Fate as soon as they leave the Maw.

    I did not care much for the questing experience in Bastion or Maldraxxus. Revendreth suffered from the fact that everyone and their mother knew ahead of time that Denathrius is the bad guy, so the questing experience could really only go in 1 direction.

    Ardenweald was definitely the best questing experience, but that may also be because Ysera is such a beloved character and the entire questing experience basically revolves around saving her.
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    "yes, let's piss him off because he loves his long hair. Let us twirl our evil mustaches amidst the background music of honky-tonk pianos! GENIUS!"
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    Yes i hate those sneaky account thieves that come to my house and steal my computer in order to steal some wow money! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

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    This is the first time I haven't enjoyed leveling in this game. I've pre-purchased these expansions digitally since they've made that easy and the first few xpacks I went to midnight releases to get (when buying in person). I've always really enjoyed the leveling experience, even in WoD and BfA which were my least favorite expansions.

    But I am bored to death on this one. I'm only level 55 on my warrior so far and have randomly been logging on to level, but just am not enjoying it. Every expansion prior to this one I had a max level toon within two days (or as quick as possible when it wasn't quite as fast in the earlier expansions) and another max level within a week. I think the longest I've been engaged so far is two hours. Today I logged on for 10 minutes, did one quest, and logged out.

    Hopefully it gets better. I've only done Bastion and am in Maldraxxus now.

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    It's not so much boring as it is rehashed and reused skins, mechanics and art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflakesz View Post
    I think the main story line is really good. Ardenweald was pretty terrible though.

    I basically did full Loremaster when I leveled my main, kind of looking forward just doing main story and ignoring everything else on my alts.

    However, I still don't know why Blizzard insist on forcing us to endlessly repeat crap like the Maw intro, Neck and Cloak crap in BFA.
    Haven't managed to will myself to pull any alt through it yet.
    Well, Threads of Fate has been made for this. Instant covenant choice, mainstory done, level through bonus zones and worldquests in an even faster pace.

    And to the enjoyment of leveling... I enjoyed it alot. Aside of bastion, or no, even bastion, there was a huge variety of different quests and mechanics, and the story actually had me interested beyond fast forward.
    But as everything, thats subjective. If you give a rats ass about anything, it's likely just alot of talk you have to sit through.
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