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    I did the numbers, because I was late to the party the cost of levelling the profession is several times more than the value of the items you craft. Because the demand for the items is now low and because people have to make 15 crafts per rank, per item there is just way more supply than demand and the lower rank items are junk.

    The money I'd lose going from rank 1 to rank2 on a single item is enough to pay for a rank 4 piece sold on the AH. So I just bought the pieces from the AH for my main and my alt and saved myself the hassle. The ranking system is awful because it just requires you to waste an incredible amount of materials for items that are almost worthless and will lose value with each day that passes.
    The problem is rank 1 should be mats, rank 2; rank 1 item + additional mats, rank 3; rank 2 item + additional mats, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NordWitcher View Post
    The problem is people are fools, impatient and complete morons. Instead of waiting it out cause legendaries do sell for the listed price some smart fool will come along and crash the market hoping for a quick sale. Then another person comes along undercutting him thus keeping prices low. You see that across every market. Many are just looking for a quick sale. Cloaks we’re going for 200g/piece while the 8 shards needed alone cost 1000g. The 235 ilevel were selling for 6k g. I managed to pick one up to keep till I farm the souls ash. However one day I noticed that the market got reset and went up to 45k. Listed my 235 cloak and it sold within hours. A few days later the market crashed hard again back down to 6k. So it’s not like people ain’t willing to pay the listed price. You just have a bunch of fools trying to crash the market to make a quick sale. No idea why they do it cause their items will sell sell at a higher price.

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    I don’t know anyone who does that but I always though the system favours no lifers who camp the AH 24/7. That is exactly what happens. I got into the legendary market late. Been levelling a few LW and BA pieces. LW has been great so far. Have levelled up a few armour slots to rank 2 where it’s slowed down now. Made a small profit on each however you frequently have people cancel scanning within minutes of listing the item. Doesn’t matter what time of day as well. You can only do this if you are in front of the AH 24/7.

    Those that can do that and with how the AH is designed control the markets.

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    Well firstly there is no barrier to entry. Anyone and everyone can come in and level up a profession skipping the last 8 expansions. Most people never bothered with professions cause past expansions had really hard bottlenecks and were a huge loss since no one bought the crafts. You ended up vendoring them. Tailoring is the easiest to level and there are so many tailors. There is an abundance of cloth with all the farmers, rep and BoE farming groups. Whenever I pass by Revendrenth there is a group of 4-5 Boomkins farming the Venthyr up on the castle.

    I was crafting bags the other night and you had 500+ different people list their bags for auction. That’s crazy. Imagine how many more have Tailoring. People just are plain stupid and don’t care. Like someone on my realm was giving away the 225 Cloth shoulders for free cause she couldn’t sell them. People just don’t care.

    But the realm problem is the no barrier to entry for each profession. In the old days you would. Have had to craft Legion, BFA, etc to get into Shadowlands. Now a fresh 50 can pick up Shadowlands and leave it up with no drawback.
    I'd argue that things are just too easy to make, whether you want to blame that on abundance of materials or low cost of crafting is up to you but its simply too easy to make things thus the market gets absolutely flooded.

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    I'll take a note.

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    there is a google doc for legendary crafting with automated calculation for prices, just put in your base item prices and the doc shows how much it costs to level to rank 4.
    i have not checked if the original has been updated for 9.1 and the new ranks, but since they are made with r3/r4 and the new optional material, it should still be useful:

    you might need to make a copy of it, i have no clue about google docs.
    hope this helps some folks.

    big thank you to Manthieus who made this list AND let others freely use it.
    The above mentioned remarks, ideas and notions are simply my thought on this topic. I do not wish to aggravate, denounce or criticize anyone who, for whatever reason, may disagree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    The legendary system is broken - Only like 5 people can do it on a server or the marked crashes. Those that got in early and no-lifed AH made 50 million gold. Plenty of people did that, see wow economy reddit for info. Its insane stupid system.
    Not on my realm. Rank 6 base pieces are going for 500K gold.

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    i need more goold))

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    Unless you plan to get into the market and try to sell items yourself it's not worth investing in legendary crafting.

    Throughout my wow time I had all professions on my alts so I never had to buy anything crafted on the AH, but this time it simply isn't worth it. The cost of leveling an item clearly outweighs the cost of buying the items directly by far, even if you should need the same raw item several times on all your chars - plus the gained gold from selling raw mats.

    Generally the system is much closer to what a profession does in real life - you need to invest and then stay invested to gain on your investment - but I am not sure if we really need a capitalistic value chain in a fantasy game. Imho the base AH already added enough to a virtual economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hastis View Post
    on my realm people are making legendaries for free you just need to bring mats for them... its pretty stupid because people who are just starting now need to spend XXXX gold to create legendaries for free... xd

    you need higher ranks to upgrade those legendaries those with 175ilvl(base) are useless right now
    You can actually find rank 1's for cheaper than the mats at this point. Hell even rank 2-4 sometimes.

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