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    Weak Auras - make a weak aura that changes alpha/opaqueness based on range


    I am trying to make a group of weak auras to track my abilities such as Judgement and Crusader Strike. I have everything working except I want the alpha of the abilities to change whether or not the target is in range. I found the "range check" trigger and I have it active on the icon but I don't know how to actually make it change the alpha/opaqueness of the ability.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Long time since I was a WA guru and my memorys fail me but if you dont find a way to make it into one just make one for each opacity (range) and make them show at the same spot on the screen.

    Cheap solution. I can look at it later cos I started to play again and got some WAs to fix myself =)
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