Since you are now able to level your toons through any Pre BFA - Expansion, I thought it would be clever to use the time spent leveling to unlock a few things on the side that one might want at max level (especially if there is a grind involved).

One of those things I would like to get out of the way are certain Legion Artifact Appearances, such as the Eredar Head for the Warlock or the Silver Hand for the Paladin. Does anyone know if these hidden skins can even drop for a low level (I'm 21 atm) or do you still have to be at the appropriate range (I think it's 40-45 for Legion content)? I vaguely remember that some Artifacts required a certain amount of Artifact Power to unlock, which was then automatically granted for characters at 110 once the BFA pre patch hit (and the weapons became useless).

Wowhead offers conflicting information on the matter, would be great if this could be confirmed one way or the other (before I waste leveling time on grinding Aszuna Soulmages for hours...).