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    [Any] Multi Spec Tank Looking for Guild

    Hey all!

    Looking for a guild to get back into the mythic raiding & M+ scene after taking a break during BFA. I’m a multi-tank spec player, with flexibility into other spec & classes as needed. Understandably the start of the expansion filling a main raider slot is unlikely, so I am additionally open to being a 3rd bench tank and pushing M+ keys on multiple groups for the right guild to fit a trial slot.

    Past Experience
    Top 300 US Tank for Warlords of Draenor and Legion
    Main tank logs: warcraftlogs.com/character/us/eredar/nikkelz?zone=26&new=trul

    Timezone: PST
    Availabilty: No restrictions after 5pm PST
    Server Transferrable: Yes
    Faction Transferrable: Yes

    Current Max Level Alts:
    Paladin; Nikkelz-Eredar 189 ilvl
    Monk: Nippelz-Eredar 179 ilvl
    Demon Hunter: Tikkelz-Eredar 180 ilvl

    Feel free to shoot me a message:
    Discord: Nikkelz#2147
    Battletag: Nikkelz#1597

    Edited: Updated current ilvl
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    Still looking for a guild

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    100% ready for you to slot in. I’ll shoot you a message.

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    STARVD is an old guild with a storied history. Founded on Stormreaver for Hellfire Citadel, we’ve made Bleeding Hollow our new home. Existing as a casual guild, we quickly found how much we enjoyed raiding and moved to a semi hard core forum. Currently we’re home to world-class raiders of all roles. Though our schedule and style are now still described as semi-hardcore, we still rely on much of the same talent we’ve had for over a decade.

    Raid Schedule Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Thursday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Sunday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) During progression we have the option to add an additional NON REQUIRED day.

    What We Expect
    • Consistent attendance (90%+).
    • Knowledge of class, spec, and boss encounters.
    • Mature and able to work well with others.
    • Always seeking improvement.

    What You Can Expect
    • Like-minded players looking to push themselves and their fellow guildmates.
    • A community that stretches beyond WoW and into other games.
    • The stability of a guild & community that’s been around for years.
    • A guild that can and will achieve Cutting Edge ﴾ Recruitment Needs ﴿
    • Exceptional players of any class or role — we mean this. We are always looking to upgrade our roster.

    Contact Info
    Battle.net: Mutumba#11705
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rm3qgEF
    Feel free to add me with any questions or if you’re interested in applying.

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