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    {H} DPS DK LF 2 Night Guild

    Hello Everyone who checks this out. I am an experienced player coming back after taking most of BFA off.

    Quick disclaimer, I am not opposed to faction swapping however I would prefer not to. IF the right alliance comes around I will absolutely consider it, but will only consider if you meet everything I am looking for.

    What I'm looking for:

    Raiding(mythic eventually) and M+
    Alliance that doesn't take it too seriously and force people to play the fotm spec/covenant(I am not opposed to playing either dps spec, I just want to choose)
    Raids no more than two mandatory days per week, any day M-TH(If a daytime raiding guild I can add Fridays into that)
    Raids end by Midnight EST, prefer start time 9pm EST(can consider 8pm EST start as well, can't do any earlier)
    If you are a daytime raid guild, I would look for a 8/9am start with an 11a/12p finish(and this can be any two days M-F)
    Has a good environment, I will sacrifice CE for a good environment
    With stating the above, I am looking for a guild that does want to progress through mythic raids, sorry if you're a heroic only guild...not looking for you
    A guild to stay with long term

    Here's my profile

    Alt profile(not opposed to playing my mage for the expansion)

    If what im looking for fits what you're looking for please post your guild details below. Thanks for checking out my post.

    EDIT: Rune#1947 (btag)
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