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    It's a bit of a slog. Will proabably go faster with gear, but now it takes me about 40-50 mins to do a layer. I suppose we're not supposed to do all 4 layers on reset day, because i did that and I was so sick and tired of it by the end (did the new 4-6 and the other 6 layer).
    Otherwise the concept is OK, just don't get why blizz feels the need to nerf abilities and buff bosses, can we not just have something fun and OP once in a while? That's the whole point, you sometimes get lucky and oneshot stuff and make odd amazing builds. Not slogging through it with small buffs.
    Also note I feel like I am one of the lucky ones - I play a prot paladin so most of my abilities in there are cool.

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    Torghast feels like they ripped the idea from FFXIV's heaven on high and palace of the dead and turned it into endgame content instead of what ff does and uses it as a way to speed lvl alts. Its alright the first few times but then gets boring asf, and turns into your basic grind. Well crafted dungeons and raids are fun, a tier set to work twards would have been great, but an RNG generated endless dungeon? Thats just lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradu View Post
    Making it shorter(fewer floors) doesn't make it good, it just means you spend less time in a bad version.
    Depends. Something can be good in a small quantity and become really annoying otherwise. For example, I recall the kill enemies in Hrydshal or whatever (in Legion) quest, on the back of a dragon. At the start, you had to kill 200 or something mobs and it was taking so long it was really unfun, especially since others were competing for the same mobs. Then they changed it to 50 mobs and all of a sudden it was a quest I was really looking forward to.
    Time is a big factor to fun. If something is tedious, it will never be fun, even if the concept is fun.

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    It would be nice if there were some type of reward other than just soul ash, even the mobs being able to drop standard loot like any other mob in the world (gold/random items).

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    So, watch this video of Asmongold's run. I believe it starts on floor 25 and he has 5+ anima powers by the end of that floor alone. (It says 8, but he got a triple mastery pickup.)

    Most of the drops are blue, all of the stat buffs are 5% instead of 3% (except health which is 20% instead of 15%).

    By floor 28, he's already stacking the ridiculous mirror image buffs.

    By floor 29, he has 23 powers which is about the average for a normal 6 floor run.

    By floor 34, he's rolling stuff.

    Look at how fast the boss of floor 38 dies.

    I think a lot of the hype and good reviews of Torghast was really based on that wild scaling where you rip stuff apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravity2015 View Post
    DPS with dog shit abilities inside unable to kill the last boss after wasting ~45minutes to get there a hard 0.5/10
    There's nothing worse than wasting time slogging thru all the floors, getting terrible anima powers, and getting cucked by the final boss thanks to RNG.

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    Torghast has been a boring slog thusfar. But I also think it depends on your class/spec whether or not you'll have fun.

    The BM Hunter anima powers are a snoozefest that offer no big burst or fun alternative playstyle whatsoever. A rare anima power is that when you use eyes of the beast your pet deals 100% more damage. I mean really? That's a rare power? It's absolutely useless.

    Meanwhile on my (alt) demonology warlock I got offered powers with which I could actually sizeably increase my damage output of my demons. I had a lot more fun in Torghast in that single run than I've had in all runs on my hunter combined.

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    I'm okay with it. I'd like it if you could save your progress. It's just hard for me to have to schedule the time necessary to complete. If you could just log out in the zone and come back that would be fine.

    Being able to save would move it from just okay but a huge slog in one sitting to really fun for me.

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    With the right classes it's fun.

    It's fun on druids because it's so easy. It's fun on my mage because it's actually quite challenging. (One boss i had to spam my mirror step to get it to instant/30s cooldown, had to blink on cooldown for bubbles and Mirror Images and just nuke the boss until the area was full of things shooting lazers at me, then move to the next area and do the same, and almost had to go to a third area right as he dropped. It was thrilling, I had to use every cooldown I had.)
    I like figuring out which traits are worth getting. It reminds me of the old castle of the winds but with WoW classes/powers. Hitting a boss you can't beat is like getting stuck in a room you can't escape. Just gotta start over.

    Make your legendary and be done with it if you dislike it.
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    I will say I dislike the torments on higher layers/levels. Right now I'm kind of hovering around being able to beat layer 3 on both my BM hunter (around 170 ilvl) and my Vengeance DH (around 155 ilvl) with ease, but when I did layer 4 on my BM hunter it was challenging and I felt the amount of extra time spent vs. the reward (only a few more soul ash) wasn't worth it. I'll likely continue doing layer 3 on both toons (maybe trying higher layers on my tank DH) for the foreseeable future until my ilvl is higher.

    For me as a casual player who just does heroic dungeons, world quests and LFR, the time it takes to complete a run factors into the equation for me. Fun vs. a slog vs, 30 minute run vs 1 hour run (as an example, I haven't timed myself).

    I'm enjoying the concept of Torghast, especially the fact you can run it solo without needing to rely on anyone else. That's my favorite part. Even back in BFA we had island expeditions but you had to do it with 2 other randos and results varied.

    I would like to see the final boss have a chance to drop some blue or purple (on the higher layers) gear, and make it so such rewards only drop once per "wing" per week. Like if I complete layer 8 of wing 1 I get a chest with a few pieces of gear or one epic piece, etc. and then I can't get any more gear from any of the layers of that wing for the rest of the week. Just so that people wouldn't feel "compelled" to run them.

    I would also like it if that "great vault" would give out weekly rewards for people who have completed the higher layers of Torghast. Like maybe layer 6 and up. Or perhaps scaling rewards so that even those who completed layer 3 only could get some gear or tokens to put toward gear.

    I know Blizz wanted to do away with some of the "free loot" with Shadowlands, so I doubt those type of things will happen until later in the expansion, if at all, but that's my perspective as someone who now only will run each wing about once per week on each of my toons, in the interest of slowly saving up for the next tier of a legendary. Both toons have their 190 ilvl legendary.

    On a side note, I like the fact that the Torghast upgrades bought in the Maw are account-wide. I just wish the Maw upgrades (upgrades that affect you in the Maw, not Torghast) were also account-wide. Without that, I really only do the Maw on one character because I don't have time to do the Maw weekly and daily quests on multiple toons most weeks. I'd rather focus on a single character to boost his rep up and unlock all the Torghast upgrades faster.

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    Let down by being long and pointless for very little reward. What could have been alternative progression is instead the legendary grind engine. It's engaging enough but the novelty of meme powers will wear off eventually
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    Im really enjoying it. Im sad once I cap dust and the full runs. It actually makes me want to level a few alts to run it some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    Now that i've played it I get why there isn't an endless version. We would just literally kill everything in one shot and then leech to full health every second.
    And that's bad because...?

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    I'm not kidding when I say, Torghast may legit be my favorite piece of content ever added to the game (well, besides Transmogging). I used to enjoy Raiding when I was in college, but now I just don't have the patience to deal with unnecessary stress (and running raids is nothing BUT stress most of the time). And to be perfectly blunt; people are fucking *mean* in this game now. I can't even blame Blizzard for that, the in-game community is just awful, and it's honestly no fun playing with people that just want to one-shot everything and attack others when things go wrong.

    Torghast has been great, because I've had a couple of friends return for Shadowlands, and we can run Torghast whenever we like, no matter which of us are online.

    If anything, I almost wish they could elevate it further with up to like 10 people. They'd have to make changes, like maybe mobs are immune to taunt and aggro mechanics, they target players completely randomly, so it still creates more of an "every man for himself" vibe that makes Torghast so awesome?

    Either way, I'm happy with it. I hope they can perhaps add some rewards to it, for those who push for higher levels, that perhaps it can be an alternative gearing path for those who don't Raid or PvP, something kind of comparable to Mythic+ dungeons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logwyn View Post
    Some levels have a buff that things appear if you are not in combat long enough. I've let mawrats run around keeping me in combat or fighting a mob and two seconds later the "not in combat" mobs spawn.
    Yea, but that doesnt trigger the "You are Hunted" message. They just Spawn as soon as you dont need them. ^^

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    Its ok, people want reasons to be upset.

    That's fine.

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    Because they get a check.

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    You should never listen to streamers really. They've been saying that torghast is great for months and at the same time shitting all over the covenant system and as it turns out they're wrong on both accounts. Covenants are awesome and torghast is boring.
    They don't play the game like us regular folks and the sooner we stop emulating them and listening to them the better.

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    It’s a rogue like mode, so yes you can get some runs where your an unstoppable killing machine and then you get some runs where’s your praying for mercy.
    Im enjoying it on my sp atm, soloed every layer so far with relative ease. The only main problem i have is having to loot every damn mob I kill and the lack of move speeds increases I get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lahkesis View Post
    When they were praising it, it wasn't time-gated and it was more fun. They did not know it would be a weekly time-gated thing because, at the time, it wasn't. It was a test environment where you could endlessly compound powers, the powers were more broken and you could do it all at once. You had to remember to get your soul ash or leggo drop from a chest at the end of the floor, it didn't drop off the boss, there were no torments (fuck those random spawning things, they are NOT fun) etc

    Honestly, I played Torghast in alpha and beta and it was way more fun when you could compound powers on higher floors. The gating of 6 floors really makes the power accumulation feel like it only gets good on Floor 5 of any given layer. As soon as Layer 8 opens, I will only do Layer 8s (in groups if I have to) each week and I will never do the lower layers again because Torghast is no longer fun to do.

    It was more fun when it mattered less. Also, I hate Ven'ari and the maw and the fact that you have to go there for Stygia to get Torghast rewards to make your runs better or easier.
    i love posts like this. what exactly do you want the game to be? everything seems to be a downer for a portion of the playerbase. You know, the people who wait for cyberpunk to come out, spend a day or 2 on it and then say its trash. looking for the next thing to be excited over until they actually get it.

    im glad torghast exists, if only to make whiny people complaina bout it. Especially because they have to do it or have no legendaries. its fun.

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