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  • DK

    75 8.97%
  • Paladin

    113 13.52%
  • Warrior

    56 6.70%
  • Mage

    46 5.50%
  • Priest

    53 6.34%
  • Warlock

    50 5.98%
  • Shaman

    47 5.62%
  • Hunter

    81 9.69%
  • Druid

    108 12.92%
  • Monk

    39 4.67%
  • DH

    55 6.58%
  • Rogue

    29 3.47%
  • Failed at Layer 6

    14 1.67%
  • Didn't try layer 6

    70 8.37%
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    Dh tank. Effortlessly solo’d the 6. Seems way too easy currently

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sámsa View Post
    As VDH Torghast is a joke so far. But it is tediouse and boring as f...
    You have to spend way to much time in there for little reward.
    Visions all over again.

    I hope this gets better with Twisting Corridors.

    So far I carried up to 2 people in there...the group scaling seems to be way to strong though.

    I see absolutely no reason to go this as a group.
    Again same as with visions.

    Because alone I just pull everything and burst it down. As soon as there is one more person in the group I really have to start being careful
    When you are playing the game on story difficulty it tends to have that effect.

    Try amping up the difficulty a bit if you find it boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnusthegreat View Post
    Torghast is a fucking joke. Every class has at least 1 overpowered power. For monk, it's Vivify. Just cast my shitty offspec heal and it did 10,000 dps AOE and it's spammable.
    what a shock. stack an anima power and it becomes op.
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    only issue ive had as tank was in the %hp wing when i mostly got defensive powers instead of damage powers, there was 1 floor boss who chain cast shadowbolts and the 5% damage increase stack on him started to outpace my selfhealing at around 18+ stacks.

    for the rest that wing was juts fucking boring cause everything took sooo looong to kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandragon View Post
    what a shock. stack an anima power and it becomes op.
    Not just any anima power, an anima power that makes a spell that does zero damage suddenly do the most damage.

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    Hunter, literally no issues whatsoever, even my dps pet easily tanked the final boss.
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    Well, i finished on the Ret paladin. I have not had time to try another.

    I will likely try to do it on my guardian druid too. The only problem was the final boss of interstitia, it had almost 700k hp and dealt a lot of damage. My Ret could handle it with instant flash and word of glory. But, i do recognize that that is too much damage for most classes to take. I figured some just have to use their phantasma for the health pots.

    Oh but the poll is not representative cause it doesn't take into account class population numbers, so the most popular classes are gonna see more representation.
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    Coldheart was a fucking pain in the ass due to how much damage I took, but still managed to complete it in first try.

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    Can confirm protadin with divine toll is hella fun and easy (fast too). Especially once you get hammer of wrath buffs. Divine toll when wings is also nice.

    As a night fae sub rogue, it's all doable. Really speeds up and gets easier if you get the 15% sepsis AoE bomb and even better if you stack it with the one that spreads sepsis. Start hitting dps in the millions with targets that have enough hp as well as AoEing down larger groups with no CD on sepsis.

    Outside of that though, you're in for a long boring run that's much more rogue like (even longer if you're like me and wanna clear everything for phantasma and powers) but totally doable. CC is important and for larger groups with multiple elites all you can do is try to burst down an elite and maybe some smaller dudes then vanish and reset. Kill some smaller things while waiting for defensives/burst.

    All in all I love it I def wish there was more reward for the time investment though. Like phantasma carrying over getting easier to acquire. Some sort of rep or stygia reward. Something. I understand they did it this way to avoid players feeling like they have to farm it or cap it. But still, kinda sucks.

    I'm excited for twisting corridors though.

    Sidenote: Anyone else notice that sweet survey Blizzard snuck into the game after one of your first Torghast runs? I love that they did that but I gotta wonder how skewed the results will be with people not realizing that it's a survey (per design) that RP an answer like "For a strong powerful hero of Azeroth like me? Super easy, barely an inconvenience"
    Meanwhile, the Bobs, post survey: "Well according to our data, most players think it's too easy. Let's adjust difficulty accordingly"

    Lol. I just want them to be a little more consistent with the powers. Like maybe the vendor has a more specific anima capsule early on. Or, when you finish your run you can lock in one power to carry over to the next run (with a max of one locked power ever, maybe increasing with torghast vendor buffs)

    Quote Originally Posted by Willhouse View Post
    Chill,wow classic is gonna last 2 months top once ppl see how horrid it was,theres gonna be 10k ppl online across all classic realms within 2 months.Meanwhile i'm preparing my "i told you so.." speech XD

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    And how are you doing that? Naked?
    White weapons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenogear3 View Post
    Vote the class you finished Layer 6.
    If you have multiple class, vote the easiest class.
    Can't even solo Layer 3 as a squishy mage (iLvl 186) ... tanking end bosses is not in the mage role guide. Annoying given the first 5 floors are trivial, getting to the last bosses and realise you've wasted your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lora View Post
    the gucci ability is getting the power shift ability and just alternating between cat form and moonkin form while running around and not actually having to do fuck all. couple it with x3/4 barkskin duration and the thorns on barkskin and its hilarious
    Hm, which one is that? The 200% increase on formshift stuff?

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    Solo > 176ilvl Druid > No food/flask buffs..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticj View Post
    Um, have you seen any gameplay of a rogue trying to do a torghast solo? It's fucking brutal.
    Even with the buffs, a bad rng on your powers makes Sub useless in places like coldheart interstitia.

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    Did Prot Pally and Arms Warrior, Prot Pally was so far ahead that it wasn't even comparable.

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    sub rogue

    tough, but doable. trash is harder than last boss, at least for me, especially the two hounds that hunt you.

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    I clear Torghast each week to the maximum level solo as a Prot Paladin. I've tried it in a group it takes too long and is needlessly more difficult. Ive also tried to solo it on my priest and breezed through it and then was decimated by the boss at the end on level 1. Super derp. I hate playing shadow in my defense so I was pretty well out of my element on that one.

    I dont know about other specs but Prot Paladin gets insane buffs in torghast.

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    I have been having fun as a feral druid! More so than I expected. Feral works fine at this stage even if randomness of rewards have a decent impact.

    At layer 6 and ilvl 183 my only real gripe are the endlessly spawning hunting dogs (or whatever they are) which I feel like Im spending way too much time fighting. I enjoy clearing every mob on every floor, but those respawning non-rewarding dogs are very tedious. I'm sure I would have even more fun without them.

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    BM hunter is like "Lolotrololohealpettrololololo" all the way. Haven't tried as MM yet, but I'd imagine it's not much different. Maybe gotta be a tad bit more careful on threat and AOE.
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    I noticed that Paladins have lots of good healing anima.
    As long as the boss doesn't have an enrage timer, paladin should be good.

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