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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawon View Post
    Your locale probably got changed from EU to US or something. Logout again and check the account selection settings in the app.
    Thanks a lot!
    And it seems Blizzard should really improve their UX.

    The incorrect locale setting on the login was dimmed, as if the field was inactive - but could still be clicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theonedp1 View Post
    Im sorry if you are comparring your dps to the others and staying you dont deserve a nerf, you are just bad.

    The other guys are phasing top 90% and you are doing 49%

    And still beating then that is.
    LOL. Completely missing the point. It means a middle of the pack DK beats a 90% of 2 other specs therefor 5% is definitely not enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daan View Post
    Vengeance DH untouched?
    Yeah I'm a Veng main and we really need a damage nerf. Though after being an F Tier tank for all of keys in 8.3 I'm not really complaining having some time as S Tier.

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    No frost mage buff is insane. Revert beta nerfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalrint View Post
    Players: Blizzard, Torghast is kind of a slog.
    Blizzard: Then we shall make it even slower!
    Yeah I genuinely don't get it. Why does it have to be so slow? Why can't we luck out and have some cool anima powers that make us melt mobs? I really don't see the issue. It takes me 45-50 mins now to do the 6 layer and it's mind numbing.

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