View Poll Results: Which WoW cinematic is your favorite?

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  • Vanilla/Classic

    3 11.11%
  • TBC

    2 7.41%
  • Wotlk

    10 37.04%
  • Cata

    8 29.63%
  • MoP

    0 0%
  • WoD

    2 7.41%
  • Legion

    0 0%
  • BfA

    0 0%
  • SL

    2 7.41%
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    Which WoW cinematic is your favorite?

    Hey everyone so yeah the title is clear, which WoW cinematic is your favorite (nothing about the expansion being good or bad just the official opening cinematic).










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    Wrath - MoP - WoD.
    Hariuha laþu laukar gakar alu ole lule laukar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordheim View Post
    Wrath - MoP - WoD.
    Exactly. In that order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    Exactly. In that order.
    What about BfA cinematic? I do think that cinematic was so bad ass

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    Wrath -> Vanilla -> Legion for me.

    I'm glad we can all agree on which one was the best, at least!

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    1. Wrath
    2. BfA
    3. WoD

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    Cataclysm, simply because of the lore implications. If a mere pet of the Old Gods unleashed that much destruction, imagine what a divine Void Lord can do!

    Oh, the cinematic of the Void expansion will be so glorious.

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    1. Wrath is just purely epic. I didn't like the way they handled Lich King in game (like a saturday morning cartoon villain) but I love the cinematic.

    2. Cata. This one could be nostalgia talking for me since Cata was my first expansion as I started in Wrath. But anyways it's such an epic trailer to show how serious this new threat is. Seeing our beloved world breaking, Stormwind on fire. But again gameplay wasn't as great as the trailer..

    3. MoP. The music. The environment. Just beautiful.

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    ironicaly tbc and mop were my favorite expansions,yett they had the cinematics i disliked most,but wod wrath and cata were the bottom expansions but had the best cinematics haha

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    WotLK is the best. Its easily the most emotional, with Arthas being such a central character who after a long break finally returns. Everyone who played WC3 was waiting for it to happen and see the continuation of his arc. It doesn't have any battle going for it but the inner monologue from Terenas and having Arthas ress Sindragosa is what makes it the best.

    Vanilla also had a great and nostalgic cinematic which showed off the world and players. You didn't need to show off any lore, it was there to introduce you to characters that you could possibly be playing. A dwarf hunter, tauren warrior, night elf druid, they had it all.

    As for the rest the TBC and WoD one was decent. Cata and Legion were alright, didn't like MoP and BFA cinematic. The worst easily goes to Shadowlands.

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    Very easy. I'm going to give you the definitive order:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    What about BfA cinematic? I do think that cinematic was so bad ass
    I don't like Sylvanas' voice so every trailer narrated by her is a no from me.

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    Followed by Vanilla, because "rose tinted glasses"

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    I started with Cata and the cinematic back then just blew me away, I still love it.

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    Expansion might of been a dud but WoD had easily the best Cinematic imo

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