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    Wanted to collect these back when they were "keen."

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    spores, molds and fungus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    spores, molds and fungus.
    R.I.P. Egon

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    Pretty much the same things i still collect.
    Games and legos

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    Beer cans.

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    Gemstones, money, stamps, trading cards, a few manga, I have a few sticker albums lying in some trunk as well probably.

    These days I mainly collect dust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Butt Witch View Post
    Football players.

    Long, long time ago in the '90s, there used to be this chewing gum called Turbo from a Turkish company.

    And every stick had a screenshot of a football player on the field, wrapped in it. The kids were collecting and trading these like mad. Kids had like hundreds of these pictures, some players were repeated a lot. Still remember Ruud Gullit was very common.

    Then Turbo dropped out or something, and Ulker took its place with its own set of pictures.
    The same story ))

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    I´ve collected, among other things: stamps, donald duck albums, x-men comics. The rest I think can´t be qualified as "collecting as a child".
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    Sand, started when I was real young and didn't want to move away, dad took a small bottle of sand from the beach for me and made a big deal about bringing a piece of it with me. I started collecting some whenever we traveled somewhere with sand, I had sand from 4 continents (military family) various sand dunes, beaches, various national parks, etc.

    I also collected heads, I got an Alligator head as a gift and added a small number of skulls (bobcat, wolf, coyote, buffalo, cow, a few different birds, etc)

    Yes I was a weird child.

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    little cars

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    I used to collect Pokémon and football stickers too. There were also Harry Potter stickers

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    I would not say "collect" in so far that I only acquired these things when I could but back in the day there used to be computer magazines that printed full programs. They were called 'Type-In' sheets and basically, you'd literally type in the program and code your own software/game.

    My sister and I loved these things and our dad would buy them for us. We would make little programs out of Compute!, Softtalk, or Micro Adventure.

    The early days of computing were wild. My sister went out to become a software developer and worked on some of the first early software modems. She's a genius.
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