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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    Or they could buff other specs to be with the top performing.
    well its usually easier to nerf a bit 3 overperforming specs than buff like ~20 ;P

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    So I don't even get to enjoy my new leg for a week before it's nerfed? wtf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warning View Post
    These rogue nerfs look like they were solid but then some 1400 rated kid came in from the forums and added their input. Cold Blood change makes sense (bugfix) and so does 8% Nightstalker and 30% blades and reducing Pelagos effect while increasing duration (apart from the fact I think it should be 100% duration to properly cancel it out.) But then nerfing covenant and conduit by 50% is extremely toxic. Added to the other ones I think just reducing covenant ability alone by 15 or 20% should've been enough without ruining the massive investment that is covenant choice.
    well everyone beside couple rogues on their forum was been expecting kick in the nuts in PvP, if they overdid it there will be some buffs next week probably
    Talking about big time investment on week 3 of 15 years old game is a bit overstatement imo

    still wondering why ferals are untouched and hunters aoe craziness but maybe its only my problem :P

    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

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    RIP Unholy, hope you enjoyed your 1 week OPness. That sucks I was sure glad to see no Frost Nerfs. They could have nerfed the HP of mobs in TOrghast for DPS specs that place has no reason to take longer than 30 mins tops.

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    Quite glad the Maw entrance sound is now muted properly. It was so annoying, and also loud as hell.
    No overall mage changes whatsoever, and instead they nerf some anima powers? Makes a lot of sense.
    Aw, I had gotten 3 stacks of Pandemonium Lens just last night and had a huge Blizzard. I guess this change actually makes it more useful, but it was fun to see. I think the Seeker's Scroll change is also more useful - that buff was kind of dumb as it was. I already never took Runecloth Wrappings because it sounded way too niche, and now it's even worse, so definitely never picking it.

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    Wait wait wait. They're making torghast take LONGER?!?!?! You have to be kidding me. I just. Wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daan View Post
    Every time the same sh*t advice...
    But what makes it sh*t advice? The fact that instead of turning off a switch on your personal level, you think the entire thing should be nerfed? Isn't it so much easier for a player who doesn't like it to just turn off their personal switch than to shut it down for players who are participating?

    On my server it goes back and forth. More Alliance than Horde, but that's PVP. And when Alliance controls, the Horde is bouncing Alliance elsewhere in the Maw. It's give-and-take. The good news is that turning WM off is not permanent. You can literally switch it back and forth on your own whim and at will.

    Does it just make it sh*t advice because you don't like the (100% viable) answer he gave?
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    Sure am Glad I decided to refund this fucking dumpster fire of a expansion

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    Man Arcane legendary nerf really... 10 stacks and the 2000% nerf to arcane blast lol Arcane going to have a very rough time in Torgast now too RIP The Arcane Dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vashe9 View Post
    lol in almost 20 years of wow it NEVER happened...
    If you can't kill the boss before 10 stacks GL kiting rofl!!! becomes immune to any CC slows/nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-34 View Post
    Listen man, stop spreading your lies and bullshit! Other mages can do Torghast as arcane.
    If you truly want to better yourself, instead of whining, then go to your class discord and ask for advice from other arcane mages.
    Ive solo Level 6 floor 6 as arcane, but it wasn't easy, and the nerf to the 2000% is a BIG nerf for arcane. You have to play super slow with arcane just to clear the floor idk why they think it should take an 45-1 hour to do level 6 safely. Without that burst damage to boss IDK if the last boss of 6 or higher will be even doable now so I understand.

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    It was already slow going as Holy priest, and now they buff enemy health? Because of what? Holy palas and monks broken powers? Thanks blizzard.

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    Mage/warlock op for six+ months - blizz: ye all cool.

    DK op for two weeks - blizz: TO THE FUCKIN GROUND!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiwack View Post
    So I don't even get to enjoy my new leg for a week before it's nerfed? wtf
    There's a legendary nerf?

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    Glad I play a mediocre/bottom 10 spec, get no nerfs nor buff in any content.

    Until the specs below gets buffed. BØFF ASAP PLZ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cazze View Post
    The changes arent for dps... And slog on frost? Really? Mate having done all the layers,some multiple times, on frost dk, i must say you are either severely undergeared or doing something really wrong.
    what is severely undergeared? the game doesn't give you any indicator what is what. i always have bad luck with anima powers. there are anima powers nerfed which i've never seen before. then again, what else is there to do after your weekly soul ash?

    and you can't really say that layer 6 is super easy. pulling some tower sentinel and another big elite with bad powers is something which eats cooldowns and then you have to wait. then again, i play BoS like always and i am solo (but i think you run solo too).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispin View Post
    From the interview in the post before this one

    "The team wants to be conservative with changing legendaries. It'll be with a patch, on the PTR, plenty of time for feedback."


    [With regional restarts] Balance of all Things (Legendary Effect) now causes Eclipse to increase your critical strike chance with Arcane or Nature spells by 40%, decreasing by 8% every 1 second (was 50% crit, decreasing by 10% per second).

    Well apparently the 'team' won't be conservative, gg.
    That is conservative. Instead of giving you 15% more DPS, it's 12%. That's still three times as powerful as most of the others.

    In other news, Torghast changes are shit. Why do I need to eat these nerfs as Ret because some other people were facerolling it with Prot?
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    Great nerfs! Anyone in their right mind saw it coming.

    Maybe arenas will be more enjoyable now

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    RIP sub rogues. Guess ill go back to assassination.

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    Let's make content that is already not fun even less fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Sure am Glad I decided to refund this fucking dumpster fire of a expansion
    A few needed nerfs to fix some imbalances in PvP and a buff for Torghast for tanks and healers (who were roflstomping the place compared to some DPS specs that still remain undertuned---Hi Mages and Sub rogues!) makes the whole thing a "garbage fire".

    You're pretty entitled, kiddo. Maybe games without a built in god mode aren't for you.

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