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    I mean... just like torghast it's okish... except the no mount thing. But, well... i liked warfronts and people hated on that too (though they could've been better).
    I also liked islands, aside from the pvp timer and random rewards.

    I always feel like the devs are close but they never quite hit the mark due to a bad design decision.

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    I don't understand what are you guys doing in the Maw apart from weekly quest that takes 5 min to complete. There is no content and no rewards.

    Torghast is the worst thing Blizzard has made though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtigal View Post
    B) Torghast is the coolest thing Blizzard has produced

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    I don't understand what are you guys doing in the Maw apart from weekly quest that takes 5 min to complete. There is no content and no rewards.

    Torghast is the worst thing Blizzard has made though.
    Thats what I do, go in, get the 5 souls, get out then do something in SL that is fun.

    Options ftw!
    TBC Classic <3

    Now, where was I? Oh yes.

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    It's ok. And it's supposed to be incovenient after all. The only bad things about it is that there's nothing really to do. Kill a few so called rares and go out.

    I never cared much about Suramar and Timeless Islebso for me, those 2 are definitely below Maw.

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    So much QQ over not being able to mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masternap View Post
    Every time I see someone complaining the only thing I read is 'no mount = bad, me not like no mount, hurr'. Some people just seem to be completely unable to think even a single step beyond this.
    I disagree. It's a matter of respect for the players time. It's building stress to the player for no good reason.
    Same reason gating flying is terrible. I cannot wait for flying cause it will eliminate a lot of stress from activities like farming or herbing and just getting to a world quest.
    Forcing players to make the same boring walk thousands of times is quite frankly unthoughtful in the least. There is no fun in it. I am not imersed, i am annoyed, especially in such a game with dense monster population and a huge agro radious.

    So, now you got your reason, like it wasn't obvious. If you like to waste your time doing the same boring walk everyday, agroing every mob that looks at you and killing them for no point but just being able to pass while taking way longer cause you got nothing better to do with your life, it's your choice.

    I am gonna continue to complain about it myself. Cause it's terrible design to have it be that way outside the leveling and exploring the map once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sephrinx View Post
    Yes, absolutely. Without a doubt.

    It's so bad that I just don't go there anymore on any of my characters. I simply don't care. Fuck the maw.

    Yup. I am already leaning towards unsubbing.

    I do raids once, maybe twice, not a fan of the toxicity in the Mythic Dungeon community, so I usually spend my time on alts, BGs and doing random old content. The Maw, I can't even bring myself to take alts through that horrible intro.
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    I don't mind it too much now when I only do it two or three times a week. It's quite nice with better gear. Everyday? Fuck that

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    The Maw sucks big time and I'm glad it's somewhat optional content. I just do it once a week for renown and that's it.

    This place is never meant to be pretty or convinient. It's literally warcraft's version of hell. You don't want to be there.

    Kinda sad this is just a mundane questing area though. It could be much better if they made suitable content for this. Questing in general sucks, thus The Maw sucks as it's only questing, nothing much else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    Except the 60% of the campaign that requires you to keep going back.
    I'm with you, OP. Worst zone to date, avoid whenever possible.
    can't think of any covenant that requires you to go there 60% of the time (infact I have not been sent there at all as Kyrian and only once as Nightfae). And Bolvar is only interested in Torghast for now.

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    Soon they’ll take away the ability to run and you’ll have to rp walk every where lol

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    All Shadowlands cotent is made in slowness in mind. It so bad because it's much more timer sink then BfA. Word quest are terrible, Maw is ultra bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilyaki View Post
    I haven’t found a reason to do the maw besides the save souls quest once a week, what am I missing?
    nothing, OP is being a drama queen

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    People calling the Maw "challenging" may also try to pick their nose with a pencil between their toes: also challenging but stupid at the same time.

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    Worst ever? No.

    Abysmal? Yes I think.

    It's not difficult it is just tedious. Unfortunately they locked a lot of player power behind the long grind to exalted (or the equivalent, cordial I think?). Having the only source of gems, 80 second stat points which is roughly equal to ~60 primary for my main is too much to ignore. Spread across 20 people in mythic, it isn't an inconsiderable power increase.

    The real issue I have is the time investment and the need to do it daily. Skipping once will put you behind everyone. Even doing it suboptimally puts you behind. They rebalanced the stygia but not the rep, so you still need to wait for the big elites to respawn instead of the soloable rares to get your ~1500 rep/day. I gave up a while ago on doing it optimally and now get around 1k rep a day. After a week I'm already about 3k behind our guild's pushers. They'll reach cordial a few weeks ahead of me and the rest of the daily players not doing it perfectly.

    I think if they made the maw a weekly grind that would be so much better. Give us a bar 4-5 times larger with the same tiers and threats. Rebalance everything so that each mob gives the same amount of eye progression per rep point as each other. E.g. say you can get 5000 rep per week, and each tier starts at the new 1000. So tier 1 at 1k rep earned, tier 2 at 2k, and it kicks you out of the maw at 5k. Then make it so quests don't give you rep at tier 5 to get around the annoying min-max thing of doing quests while at tier 5.

    That still wouldn't be fun for me, but I could at least tolerate it and there'd be much less min-maxing the rep and just being able to enjoy the zone more. It's frustrating to either spend cumulative hours waiting on big elites to respawn or purposely hold yourself back for weeks.

    I imagine as a less hardcore/min-max player the maw is far more enjoyable. The changes I'm suggesting wouldn't hurt their experience I think, while improving it greatly for those of us who want to min-max.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Season2mask View Post
    I know it was?

    edited post to make my opinion clearer.
    I stand corrected then, pardon me

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    The Maw is literally worse than Vashj'ir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Season2mask View Post
    The Maw is a wasteland containing 4 daily quests. Just to increase the difficulty of doing them, they give you no mount and annoy you with the eye of the jailer things.

    Is that supposed to be fun?
    In Legion we had Suramar, one of the best things Blizzard has ever done. Shadowland's version of Suramar is The Maw, a tedious wasteland?

    This is worse than broken shore. What value is there in this place?
    ah you mean that place where i free 5 souls for +1 renown and then forget it exists till next reset

    i dont mind it - i just completly ignore it

    aparently i have "plenty of content to do in there" - i guess mainly because i completly ignore it so i do

    it drops no gear so it doesnt exist for me untill 2023-2024 when i will farm mounts/transmogs in there when legacy buff kicks in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magneto View Post
    People calling the Maw "challenging" may also try to pick their nose with a pencil between their toes: also challenging but stupid at the same time.
    hahahaha i love you comment gonna steal it and use it in future if you dont mind it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martymark View Post
    No, Blizzard made WoD.
    Much more accurate. For two cents WoD was problem at the start, tied way to much to the garrison, ruined any need to even go out in the world and the amount of cut content was staggering and they gave players a s"selfie patch" and tried to shrug it off as content.

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    Pretty lackluster if you ask me. but im sure venari rep will come in handy at some point so i might as well start working on it. as of now i rarely venture there past the souls weekly quest

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