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    Boomkin LF semi hard-core guild. Horde

    Hey there, returning to wow didn’t play much last expansion and excited to play this one. Please read my info and reach out with questions.

    Raiding history:
    Been raiding at a high level from molten core to Legion. Including us top 100 mythic kills and Parsing top 100 ele shaman and boomkin. I have played every class and spec at a high level at one time was raiding on 4 characters doing endgame mythics.

    Availability: after 5pm any day and anytime on Friday or Saturdays. Pacific

    What I bring to the table:
    I have played at a very high level and even if I have limited raid time I still play every day and work on gear outside of raids. I am always on time or will post ahead of time. Show up with all add-ons up to date and consumables. I watch fights ahead of time and make my own guides for each fight even the random stuff. I am very active in discord and doing pug stuff to get geared.

    My history:
    Been a guild master for most of my wow career and still hang out with people who I was there guild master in burning crusade hah. I play lots of alts and love to try new things. I perfer to either play boomkin or elemental shaman. Both have played all specs and know them very well. Played classic at a high level also doing molten core clears in 45min before release of bwl but just enjoy retail more.

    Current characters:
    Boomkin - 175 ilvl
    Shaman - gonna level him Friday and get him caught up perfer to play him since it was my main for 14 years or so.

    What I am looking for:
    A home to hang out in and bs i am very competetive with dps and min/max and love to give each other crap in a constructive way to push numbers. I do not want to be in a guild were everyone raid logs. I enjoy playing outside just raiding. I will help gear people for guild or play role that is needed to help guild.

    Been playing for about a week now, I may be behind on xpac but I know mechanics and how to play my class very well. While getting help to get gear is a plus I can do it solo also. Going from 50 to 175 ilvl in less then a week is not to bad, gonna do my mythics tonight and lfr then pug a normal.

    Contact info:
    Discord: shadowdeals#6250
    Battle.net: kritikal1224#1929
    Discord is best because I can see it at work.

    Ps. Sorry about weird wording and sentences I typed this from my phone at work haha.

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    ﴾About STARVD﴿ STARVD is an old guild with a storied history. Founded on Stormreaver for Hellfire Citadel, we’ve made Bleeding Hollow our new home. Existing as a casual guild, we quickly found how much we enjoyed raiding and moved to a semi hard core forum. Currently we’re home to world-class raiders of all roles. Though our schedule and style are now still described as semi-hardcore, we still rely on much of the same talent we’ve had for over a decade.

    ﴾Raid Schedule﴿ Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Thursday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Sunday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) During progression we have the option to add an additional NON REQUIRED day.

    ﴾What We Expect﴿
    • Consistent attendance (90%+).
    • Knowledge of class, spec, and boss encounters.
    • Mature and able to work well with others.
    • Always seeking improvement.

    ﴾What You Can Expect﴿
    • Like-minded players looking to push themselves and their fellow guildmates.
    • A community that stretches beyond WoW and into other games.
    • The stability of a guild & community that’s been around for years.
    • A guild that can and will achieve Cutting Edge ﴾ Recruitment Needs ﴿
    • Exceptional players of any class or role — we mean this. We are always looking to upgrade our roster.

    ﴾Contact Info﴿
    Battle.net: Mutumba#11705
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rm3qgEF
    Feel free to add me with any questions or if you’re interested in applying.

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