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    Using MMO Champion on iPhone 12 causes lockups

    The sites ads on mobile seem to be causing 'reccuring errors' on iOS causing page crashes, reloads and complete lockup of the browser.

    It also seemed to have caused a complete phone lockup today causing me to have to hard shutdown and reboot the phone

    (This only seems to occur if I visit mmo champion - desktop is fine because you know, Ublock)

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues on a mobile device?

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    Well that's not great. We haven't had any other reports, but maybe it's a bad ad. If you happen to see a specific ad causing it, send along any information you can about it (screenshot, link, etc).

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    Not on my Iphone 12 pro max

    Tried using both Safari and Chrome and couldn't witness any lockouts. Try clearing your cache or a different browser on the Iphone and see if it fixes the issue.

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