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    Healer/Tank Pally, DPS/Tank DK, Lock LF Mythic Raiding Guild

    My friend and I are looking for a new home for our characters. Looking for a Mythic raiding guild that pushes for CE each tier and has room for us to be on the roster. We currently are Alliance but can entertain faction transfers if necessary. About us:

    - Both of us have played the game since its inception, and played since late classic/early TBC together.
    - We can play multiple classes and specs. I listed our mains in the title, but I personally also have a resto shaman and the Lock can play healing priest.
    - We have experience over the last three expansions with Mythic raiding, especially in Legion and BFA. Neither of us ever achieved CE, but came close on multiple tiers.
    - We know what it takes to raid at a mythic level, and have the time and the alts to handle our own consumables and be prepared for every raid.
    - We take the time to research and theorycraft our class(es), being active on our class discords and other theorycrafting sites.
    - We like Mythic+ and doing keys together.

    What we are looking for is a stable guild, small preference to Alliance, but like I said, if the fit seems right, we can faction change. Prefer weekday raid nights, M/T/W/H, somewhere around the hours of 8-11:30 pm EST.

    If we sound like something you would be interested in, please post how to reach out to you here or drop a private message to me on MMO.
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    STARVD is an old guild with a storied history. Founded on Stormreaver for Hellfire Citadel, we’ve made Bleeding Hollow our new home. Existing as a casual guild, we quickly found how much we enjoyed raiding and moved to a semi hard core forum. Currently we’re home to world-class raiders of all roles. Though our schedule and style are now still described as semi-hardcore, we still rely on much of the same talent we’ve had for over a decade.

    Raid Schedule Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Thursday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) Sunday 6:30-9:30PM(CST) During progression we have the option to add an additional NON REQUIRED day.

    What We Expect
    • Consistent attendance (90%+).
    • Knowledge of class, spec, and boss encounters.
    • Mature and able to work well with others.
    • Always seeking improvement.

    What You Can Expect
    • Like-minded players looking to push themselves and their fellow guildmates.
    • A community that stretches beyond WoW and into other games.
    • The stability of a guild & community that’s been around for years.
    • A guild that can and will achieve Cutting Edge ﴾ Recruitment Needs ﴿
    • Exceptional players of any class or role — we mean this. We are always looking to upgrade our roster.

    Contact Info
    Battle.net: Mutumba#11705
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rm3qgEF
    Feel free to add me with any questions or if you’re interested in applying.

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