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    Destro warlock professions?

    Hi, Is there anything special that tailors have for a warlock? I know alchemist have 2 hr flask duration and engineering has quality of life items.

    I am trying to figure out if there is a good reason or a perk to being a tailor. Or can I buy everything from the AH?

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    Tailoring is useless. Unless you also have high lvl enchanting on some char, it's better to just buy the legendary items than try to craft them yourself.

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    Tailoring is a money dump. The cost required to be able to make the legendary base items up to rank 4 is only offset if you sell a bunch on the ah. There's no real combat perks to any profession atm so its whatever you feel like having. I personaly went enchanting and alchemy so I can de any items I don't need and have 2 hour flasks.

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    Nothing you can't get from the AH. Bags and Legendary base items.
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    Thanks for all the helpful replies

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    I went herb/mining. Just collect any herbs and ore as you play, they sell for a lot right now. Having no gold issues whatsoever.
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    Honestly I'm gonna have a hard time doing anything but Engineering for the rest of the expansion. Having that 15 min teleporter to any zone is OP, and the invisibility belt enhancement is also pretty useful for avoiding combat. And one thing you'll definitely want to pick up is the Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite recipe from Mechanar in Netherstorm, which increase movement speed by a whopping 300%, which when combined with any kind of slowfall, can propel you halfway across a zone with sufficient starting altitude.

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