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    For your selected fight:

    By a quick overview, you'd better macro Symbols inside Dance. You won't use one without the other anyway.
    This website cant be accurate at all? On a 99 parse on Huntsman Heroic its telling me that both us rogues missed potential 14 casts of shadowdance even though I had 99% uptime (got lucky and didnt get debuff to run out or anything) but I never had more then 1 stack of shadowdance other then at pull obviously. Ontop of that saying I only had MoD on cd 60% instead of 95%? Considering I have it bound with my SD and I use it on CD this can't be correct.

    Can confirm it is not a good measurement. The top 5 parses in the world all have this "major" warning also and says they can use shadowdance 50% more often? Don't know how they messed that up so badly
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    Updated logs

    if anyone sees something off, always looking for criticism to improve.
    Thanks again!

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    wod was the best spot sub was in for a long time.
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    Looking for a way's to improve my rotation, improve total damage, my parses feel ridiculously low and need an adjustment, not sure if any rogues have any tips

    thansks in advance.
    Man, are you using real subs as weapons? $5 footlong are weak bro

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