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    Don't use streamers as a font of knowledge, most popular ones has zero clue what they're talking about.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echocho View Post
    They said that I had to do every single quest and probably grind mobs too in order to get to 60. I've done everything so far and I'm lvl59 half way through the night fae zone. It feels like I've wasted a lot of time doing annoying side quests just to be level cap before I even start the last zone...
    That is why you should play the game YOUR WAY and stop listening to youtubers, especially during alpha or beta. They're pretty much just spewing up shit to get views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arandomuser View Post
    you do have to do every quest on your first character for the end game progression to unlock
    No, you don't. If you mix in a few dungeons, you can skip every single side quest without having any impact on your end game progression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMZohar1 View Post
    for those people asking which streamers, I know Preach was one of them
    He updates the video saying you didnt.

    Very....very...early on the beta cycle yes you did. (I was in beta). Near the start of beta in order to hit lvl cap you HAD to do the MSW and ALL SIDE QUESTS. However about 1 month before SL released blizz did a massive rehaul on the levelong xp. Preach created a video after this saying you really only have to do the MSQ now maybe with 1 or 2 dungeons..maybe.

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    The OP is referring I think more to information that was shared in beta. Those numbers are tweaked all the time, so maybe in August on beta that was the case. In fact WAY too much attention was spent on people claiming the sky was falling on beta with dps numbers, opinions on content that was still being worked on, this incorrect info about how long it took to get to 60, etc. and that lead to some confusion with casual players when as expected much of that changed before release.

    Apart from that as a player you have to use your own noggin a bit too. Simple math tells you that if you have to go 10 levels and there are 4 zones in Shadowlands to do it in, expect about 2.5 levels per zone. So if you're working in Ardenweald at 58 or 59 and haven't even touched 2 zones yet, well before that you would or should have realized that you could have moved to the next zone regardless of what anything you saw on a stream or Youtube video.

    Also, in the end whatever zone you quest the most in really doesn't matter anyway (other than maybe rep/covenant considerations). If you choose to get to 60 by never leaving Bastion you technically can. The OP just choose to level in a fairly inefficient way. When I did an alt to 60 with Threads of Fate I did much more leveling in Bastion and Ardenweald just because I found it faster and easier than Revendreath and Maldraxxus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiramon View Post
    On my first 60, I did run into issues where I was one level short of a quest in bastion I think at 53 or something where I needed to be 54. I had to do like half a bar of side quests to get on track.

    No issues aside from that though
    Funnily I just ran into the very same issue on a full rested alt. Coming into Elysian Hold with 185000 xp and needing 225000 to jump to 53, so Questgiver just stood there with a silver "!". I did ONLY the campaign quests and one bonus objective. No dungeons or such.

    So I also did the "Garden in peril" side questline.

    So it is still a bit of an issue. Just not of "Having to do every side quest"

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    You were today years old when you learned an important life lesson:

    The loudest, most popular voice is not necessarily the most qualified voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echocho View Post
    They said that I had to do every single quest and probably grind mobs too in order to get to 60. I've done everything so far and I'm lvl59 half way through the night fae zone. It feels like I've wasted a lot of time doing annoying side quests just to be level cap before I even start the last zone...
    because they were talking EVERY SINGLE MAIN QUEST
    you are doing every single QUEST including side quests.

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    Oh look, another "Streamers are bad" thread which can be easily translated into "I put no effort in to finding up-to-date information a month into the expansion and am blaming other people for my stupidity."

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    I love how a lot of comments here are in the likes of "you got trolled", "streamers are dumb", "why are you taking advice from streamers", ...
    when literally it's just OP paying so little attention he watched an outdated guide.

    Leveling got changed dozens of time during beta, don't blame other people if you don't keep up with the most recent info.

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    you can't get to 60 by doing only the main story quests...that means no dungeons, treasures or any side quests. I got stuck halfway to 60 at the end, but it only took one side quest line to get to 60, so it's not a huge deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onikaroshi View Post
    Everyone, but it was at this point and it was fixed before launch which OP somehow caught the old way and never looked into level gains after they fixed xp /shrug
    Yeah, befor they fixed the XP.
    It's still a bit odd, they way they did leveling this time though.

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    TBF on my first char I leveled to 60, I just wanted to focus on the MSQ. So at launch I went unrested and with WM off. I had two times leveling came to a halt and I had to do some sidequests/dungeons. Once in Bastion (half a level) and once in Ardenweald (a entire level). Never had that problem before when I leveled that way from Cata to BfA.
    Not a big issue tho, since I still managed to get to 69 fairly quick but I just found it weird.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post
    Take that haters.
    IF IM STUPID, so is Donald Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echocho View Post
    It's how we learn things. Since most of us don't have access to beta we have to get our information from streamers and youtubers. I don't think it's too much to ask for them to post updates when major changes like this happens instead of the last thing they report not being true anymore.
    that's just not true. I don't watch streamers. I knew about the xp problems and I also knew when it was corrected, ON MMO CHAMPION. You look for information at the wrong spot.

    you look for info on youtube and complain on MMOC, try the other way around .......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cazze View Post
    For me, Preach lost all credibility in WoD when he said talents should be cosmetic. The guy doesn't want to play an rpg, he want to play a racing game or a raid simulator or whatever you want to call it. (he thinks it would be better if everyone had the same gear). Also, he likes to give strong opinions even on things he is not informed on(but all of them do this, so I'll cut him some slack here).
    You do realize there has passed several YEARS since WoD? People's opinions change, gets more refined, takes on a different perspective with time.
    I don't know about you, but I don't have an issue with someone having a different opinion than me on a specific subject. It's completely fine. It's very unlikely that you'd agree on everything anyways. We're individuals after all. What I do like with Preach is that he has very thought out reasonings behind his opinions, and that's something you actually can say about someone's argument EVEN if you don't end up agreeing with it.

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