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    psychics - Nope
    extraterrestrial life - possible given how many worlds and how large the universe is.
    time travel - observable in 1 direction. Just not in the traditional sense. (gravity and speed effect time)
    other universes - unknown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalontas View Post
    The best proof that time travel doesn't exist?

    Stephen Hawking once organized a party for time travelers. But he only announced it after the event. If there were any time travelers, surely they'd have gone to this now famous event.

    If all roads were only 1 way would roads exist?
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    psychics is just a biological version of radio. probably possible for it to evolve given the correct circumstances (aka not on earth).

    extraterrestrial life is statistically all but guaranteed. chance of multiple intelligent civilizations existing at the same time within the same galaxy, let alone being able to meet are not that great though.

    time travel heavily depends on your definition. there will probably be some tricks that let you communicate FTL, which is kinda time traveling, maybe travel too. I doubt there will be any meaningful ways to send information back in time, and for time travel forward you can just use time dilation (but that's ofc also the least useful version).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amarys View Post
    Well this is what I meant actually. If there was only one, it would be a huge coincidence that the only universe had the right conditions and laws unless a Creator made it. If there are many universes though, then it's less of a coincidence, we just happen to live in one that has the right conditions while the others are just barren or self destruct immediately.

    As for the life adapting part, try to adapt to an universe where a number is 1% off and the entire thing just collapses into a black hole immediately or where matter can't form at all or gravity wont allow stars and planets form at all. If you go mess with these laws, you wouldn't just get a slightly different universe, you'd most likely destroy it completely.

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    The universe is what? 13 billion years old. Earth is about 4.5billion years old and has had the right conditions for billions of years. I'd say intelligent life is pretty darn unlikely. Intelligence is just not that practical or valued in evolution.

    Another good reason to say there is no intelligent life out there is, well just look up. Humanity is only like 40k years old at most. It's also fairly reasonable to say that in the next 10-20 hundred years we will at the very least have colonized other bodies in the solar system and in 100k or more spread out. If intelligent life was even slightly common, they would have had billions of years to do it. Build Dyson spheres, altered things, left traces, sent out radio waves. Yet we see nothing.

    There are only 2 reasonable explanations. 1) Intelligent life is super rare and we're it. 2) Something wipes it out every time before it evolves into type 1-2 and becomes immune to extinction.
    The issue is that seeing something smaller then a extremely large gas giant even at the closest system to earth requires a telescope the size of the earth or larger and it would be an extremely low resolution image at that. We wouldn't be able to "see" them in any way, shape or form. Also, we have no idea how an extra terrestrial species would communicate as far as radio goes or if we could even discern it from background radiation. Remember, every time we look at a star/galaxy in the sky, we are looking into the past.

    Also, modern humans are around 300,000 years old. Earliest known human usage of tools(regardless of H. Erectus or not) is around 2.6 million years old.

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    All of that stuff is plausible, even if outside of our understanding. Multiverse theory is a thing, though "theory" is the operative word I think.

    Time travel, similar concept. Are we so arrogant as a species that despite all of the discoveries we have made in the last century or two; all of the facts we've had to rewrite and are still rewriting, that we would believe we have achieved the pinnacle of discovery? I'm no expert but I think it's a safe bet we haven't.

    As for alien life, consider how vast the universe is, how small we are, and how tiny the fraction of what we can observe really is. Here's a great video to facilitate the appropriate feeling of smallness you should have as a human being.

    Note the radio waves and particularly how far from earth they've gone (at about 2:39). Relatively speaking, human kind hasn't even left its bedroom, much less glimpsed the yard.
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    I regard them as non-zero possibilities and I allow myself to indulge in stories related to said events.

    However I could never see myself defend them like they are 100% proven done and real. I have seen many people do that and I cannot really see why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    You don't need to worry about belief or non-belief in the realm of science. Reality is all that matters.
    Specifically, we're talking this particular reality.
    And any claim of nonexistence makes an assumption of what can and can't exist. And that will never be true unless you're omniscient. And since humans are barely self-aware an open mind is wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Specifically, we're talking this particular reality.
    Yep - and this reality is what the question was about, that's why we know certain things are impossible and others possible.

    There is no point believing in something which is impossible.

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    Psychics: Not really. It's really difficult to rationalize these with any real world examples either.

    ET: It seems the more we learn the less we know on this subject. I'm still of the opinion that it would be ridiculous for us to be alone. But the bigger issues aren't where, it's when.

    Time Travel: We already have "working" time travel of sorts. Sci-fi has done a bit of damage to the perception of time travel though, so I doubt there will ever be deloreans or phone booths in their iconic roles.

    Other Universes: Like multi-verse? This is probably realer to some people than others. I kind of feel that an identical universe to ours but with you missing a tooth isn't likely to exist.

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    Only thing there I 100% don't believe in are psychics. I think they're full of shit out to take advantage of suckers who don't know better.

    As for extraterrestrial life I absolutely believe there is out there somewhere. When you think of the millions upon millions of galaxies out there that contain billions upon billions of planets how can one seriously say there is absolutely no other intelligent life within one of those galaxies and planets. It's just impossible.

    Time travel...eehh...maybe. I mean when you keep in mind that time gets distorted when you're out in space its technically time travel. Also I'm pretty sure there was evidence that by traveling at a certain speed you can affect time in some way. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure of it. So if humans can somehow find a way to actually use those methods time travel could just be a thing. Who knows?

    Other universes? I would say it could be a possibility and it's a really interesting theory but I wouldn't say I believe in it. I don't know enough about whether or not there are other universes and I haven't seen any evidence supporting it so it'll just remain a really interesting topic for me.
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    Psychics = NO

    I don't believe that some random Miss Cleo can tell me my future, my life.

    Extraterrestrial Life = YES

    There has to be something out there in Space. Earth can't be the only planet with living creatures on it.

    Time Travel = NO

    Unless it's Avengers: Endgame Time Travel.

    Other Universes = See Extraterrestrial Life
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    I believe God exists

    I believe angels and demons exist

    I don't believe in magic, aliens, time travel, or other universes (outside of Heaven and Hell).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    I believe God exists

    I believe angels and demons exist

    I don't believe in magic, aliens, time travel, or other universes (outside of Heaven and Hell).
    That has always seemed like such a dichotomy to me. You believe in a god, and that means you believe that god created this whole universe, including us, crafted an afterlife for us, allow us to live only an infinitesimally small time, and created no other life to populate a universe so incredibly massive. It’s impossible for the human mind to truly grasp the size of the universe we live in - we’re on planet out of hundreds of billions in our galaxy alone, never mind the hundreds of billions of galaxies around us, many larger than ours, some with trillions of stars and, conceivably, even more planets than that. And you believe there is no other life. None. This entire universe, something we could never, ever, ever, even with infinite time, never explore more than a fraction of, exists for just us?

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    The vast universe also exists as a testament to God's might. Just even knowing what little we can observe of it boggles the mind.

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    Psychics? No. Unless they can prove it in a proper test, I sincerely doubt anyone can tell the future/read minds/talk to the dead etc etc.

    Extra Terrestrial life? Yes. Maybe not at the level where they can travel between stars, but bacteria, other species such as ourselves that are starting to explore space etc.

    Time Travel? Only forward in time, not back in time.

    Alternative universes? Big Maybe. Would be lovely to imagine something like a universe where I never did mistake A or B, but I have my serious doubts that it's even a thing.
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    I don't believe in anything you mentioned, but I do allow for the possibility of these things existing in one way or another.

    Psychics: I'm pretty confident they don't exist when it comes to humans. However, who knows what other species exist out there and what they are biologically capable of.
    Extraterrestial life: it's far more likely for it to exist then not given the sheer size of the universe.
    Time travel: unlikely, but what if our current understanding of the nature of time is flawed? Science is moving ever forward so we'll have to wait and see.
    Other universes: may as well exist in some form, despite all the knowledge we already possess we still know very little about the world around us.

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    Psychics: Gonna say its not outside the world of possibility but I need some HARD proof that a human being is capable of it.
    Aliens: You'd have to be pretty ignorant to not think there's SOMETHING out there
    Time Travel: Thing is I don't think we'd notice the effects if it DID exist. But I'm going to say very unlikely unless its Legacy of Kain Rules where if you time travel it's because you were supposed to. Fact is if Time Travel was a thing either we aren't in an era important enough for someone to do it or the future not being a thing yet is impossible to travel to..thus the past also is impossible to travel to simply on that principle alone.
    Other Universes: Its something beyond our scope so it's POSSIBLE. But I doubt travel to and from a parallel universe would EVER be possible outside of science fiction.

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    psychics - not like mind reading but more like feeling and reading ppl. Mentalist.

    extraterrestrial life - ofc. We are just a pinhead in the mountain.

    time travel - dunno. More or less its mathemathicly possible. Quantuim phisics etc. But we know a time as one layer. Probably there is no time as we know. There are just layers and points on layer. We know just points on one layer and space between that we called time.

    other universes - plausible
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    I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the possibility of time travel (to the future, not to the past), and the possibility of other universes. I call bull on psychics though. I always enjoy watching "docuseries" on ufo's or other conspiracy theory stuff, but I take everything with a giant lump of salt. If they are real, cool, if not, cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cts53 View Post
    I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the possibility of time travel (to the future, not to the past), and the possibility of other universes. I call bull on psychics though. I always enjoy watching "docuseries" on ufo's or other conspiracy theory stuff, but I take everything with a giant lump of salt. If they are real, cool, if not, cool.
    Why did America's government spend millions on psychic programs and UFO research, like Project Blue Book, if they are such ludicrous subjects to most Americans today?
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    If you don't believe in the possibility of alien life existing you must not believe in math either.

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