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    The amusing thing is that there’s still someone with WM on and in the second place that thinks that WPvP has something to do with honor.

    I turned it off the day the alliance buff was introduced and never looked back again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ovm33 View Post
    Defense mechanism from being outnumbered 10 to 1 in WM is the real answer.

    Though it's kinda' rich seeing a Horde player bitch about WM when for most of BfA WM was just 10% extra resources for picking Blizzards favorite faction. I mean ffs they don't even try to hide it anymore: Proof
    Exactly this. I played alliance / horde equally up to bfa. In bfa there was no way i could level my alliance char with WM on at the start of the expansion.
    The world just felt like me vs. 100 horde players. Never had those problems on my horde chars.

    It´s a fact that horde just outnumbers alliance - so alliance groups up, which is fine.

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    Safety in numbers etc. Alliance have more incentive to use WM due to the discriminatory buffs they get, but since most good pvpers are horde it means alliance end up having to go around in a big posse to get anything done.

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    Haha from my very first experience in vanilla till shadowlands. I have always wondered where the fuck that second alliance player came from.

    My own reasoning always was and still is that I hope on a 1v1. Sadly alliance will always be cowards in my eyes and I always find myself in a 2v1 or 3v1. It always happends, always.

    I cant be arsed to just get in a group to avoid that, when realisticly most of the time you are qued for shit, so you dont even bother getting in a group. Just because I dont want to get ganked, is no option for me when I actually want to do something in the game. Whats even more rediculous is that my pvp talents add so much to the spec outdoors, that it almost feels like wheelechairing if I dicide to turn it off.

    Ofc we all know its usefull to group up in pvp, but that is not the point.
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    This could be the other way around too, it's not like players of one faction would always behave differently under comparable circumstances, because they have the horde or alliance mentality (a thing I don't believe in).

    I have turned WM off for the first time ever in WoW, and this is not for being completely outnumbered by Alliance, it's the absolutely inacceptable Stygia loss that triggered this decision. Without stygia loss I wouldn't bother much, be happy about any rare 1v1 I run into and still CURSE all those who turn WM off.

    I tested WM off for the other 4 zones too for some time, and it's schocking how many horde I see. WM off is like 99% horde, incredible.

    There should be no right to evade world pvp at all. It's like every player gets a permanent, undispellable divine shield against any other potentially hostile player. This should not exist. Nobody should have the right to make himself permanently immune to the other faction in a world where the lore is about war between these two factions.
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    Don't be silly, human beings are on both sides. Sometimes alliance is grouping sometimes it's horde. There are players who play for honor, prestige or whatever drives them and there are people that just want higher ilvl or more adequate stats for their spec. There are way too many players and servers to generalize.

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    It's really amusing to read how people make up these dream scenarios that the Horde plays with honor and does 1v1s but the Alliance groups up and ganks players. The delusion is superb.

    Both sides avoid fighting when they see the other faction.
    Both sides group up
    Both sides do 1v1s
    Both sides gank the other faction until they leave
    Both sides do all the same things because they are filled with individuals. Some fight fair, others don't want to fight at all.

    Throughout all of BfA the Horde has bullied Alliance out of warmode and turned it into Hordemode. It's really funny that a Horde player now complains about what Alliance experienced for 2 years.

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