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    Horde 206 hpal 10/10n 5/10h LF H guild (TICH)

    need a guild the raids after 5pm pst any day of the week works

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    Hello there!

    a. Join our Discord: 4XWvwgtTU5
    b. Leave a message
    c. I’ll contact you
    d. Begin raiding with us that Tuesday (if accepted)

    Raid Nights : Tuesdays & Thursdays
    11:30PM EST Start Time to 2:30AM EST End Time

    We really need a h Pally so you'll definitely have a chance for a spot right away

    Attendance: 90% Minimum. We raid only 2 days each week.

    Raid Environment: Positive atmosphere with constructive criticism.

    Originally from Sargeras – Alliance; Astro Glide has been around since 2012 (MOP Expansion) achieving CE almost every tier. In Shadowlands we moved over to Area 52 Horde with a major focus on Mythic + and PVP as well as obtaining CE for the end of each tier.

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