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    yes it is... i just tried to do a +9 mists on my alt druid... i am doing 6k hps and people are still dying and try to pin the blame on my hps lol and then i left... i shouldn't even have to do 6k hps in a +9... my average when finishing a +15 on my priest is 4k...
    It can be such a pain, I am remembering now why I always end up benching my healer by the end of season 1.

    Slightly different angle, mines is a pally and was doing HoA, and I kept getting shit for not decursing. We had a druid and a mage in the group. They didn't do it once. The mage didn't even know he could do it, but once he did, still refused. He kept getting hit by everything. "Nice healing" was said at least once in a sarcastic tone.

    I suspect there are a lot of people who have never healed. And it can show in their play style and attitude.
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    Remember, legally no one sane takes Tucker Carlson seriously.

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    The solution is stupidly simple: Get rid of this "you can't add anyone after it startz!!!" nonsense. Because that is what it is: Utter nonsense.
    Lol, you don't care about puggers, why would you care about solving this problem at all? There is no problem for you.

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    I suspect there are a lot of people who have never healed. And it can show in their play style and attitude.
    It has nothing to do with healing, its lack of general knowledge.

    People simply do not know the game and are getting carried by others and rotational M+, you can see this at any time of the expansion mostly in the 7-12 M+ range, where when its Tyrannical in +7 the trash abilities are mostly irrelevant, but when its Fortified people still havent learnt what to interrupt since it didnt matter, and they simply wipe on trash packs because either the damage wasnt enough to 1 shot them previous week, or someone else interrupt it for them that had half a clue.

    The general populace is simply lacking basic sense, logic, and game knowledge, which in turn makes them horrendously bad at the game.

    I have said this multiple times before, if they were 4 copies of you, can you complete a +15 because you can do everything and know what the fuck is happening? No? Then stop being clueless and learn the game.

    It was easier for me to heal a +14 on my alt with people with half-knowledge than a +9 with some other people because of the lack knowledge, aka interrupts and i aint a good healer, i had to switch my UI after 11 years to get better healing frame positions since i only use raid frames to track the failing of my raiders, and not actually heal.
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    Geezus. I think I grouped with that lock before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefrog View Post
    Who has time to argue paths in a flawlessly executed run?
    Some people are just control freaks.

    I don't really care if you believe me or not, this shit happens and it's not even that rare especially at low levels which are full of bad players who lash at out others in frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    Lol, you don't care about puggers, why would you care about solving this problem at all? There is no problem for you.
    Didn't say it was a problem for me.

    It's a solution to the problem nevertheless.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    There isn't an easy fix or it probably would have been implemented already.

    Any kind of automated system that would punish people for leaving, would also inadvertently punish innocent people as well or cause other repercussions by people refusing to leave to avoid punishment. Just to use your example, say the warlock would get penalised somehow for leaving so instead he decides to just /dance at the entrance instead and go make himself a sandwich. Now the rest of you are hostage because if you leave, you'll get punished for what is essentially not your fault.
    they don't even have to just /dance, some people unironically continue the key but act malicious by pulling extra or beginning to underperform in an attempt to get others to leave so they aren't the one that leaves first

    i would love to see a league tribunal or valve's overwatch style system implemented for these kinds of reports/infractions but that would require time money resources by blizzard to program and vet trust worthy individuals to be apart of this (although they do have a trust system on forums). i would've like to see wowprogress m+ karma take off but thats just as abuseable as anything else

    i think blizzard believes community left to its own devices will solve it even though if this issue was to be constantly flagged or reported it would be revealed to be a much, much bigger issue but its almost become accepted at this point your key might be griefed or if it isn't going to be timed the key is done for

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