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    When I was at my most hardcore, raiding wise, I put in, weekly, the fewest number of hours compared to any other time.

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    The answer is relatively simple. There is the job and there is the raid. Arrange your life around those two things and then find a guild that works with that.

    I decided long ago that achievements in a video game aren't worth arranging my life around. I'm not criticizing those that do but you will have to find your own path for that. In the end it's going to generally have to look like this unless you buy your way to a CE. If you do that I'm not sure why you would bother.

    Enjoying the raid is the thing. The achievement is secondary.
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    As someone who have had your issue for a long time i can definitely relate.
    - I struggled in WoD trying to do more hardcore content just to burn out from fatigue and juggling work, life, and game. Ended up dropping wow.
    - I tried to do it all again in Legion but once again i was hit with IRL responsibilities and couldnt keep up with the grind. By end of legion i was mostly pugging just to have fun from time to time.
    - Before BFA hit i had a different plan. I dropped mythic raiding from my plans. It is just not possible for me to commit, and it is not fair to either raid members, or my family. I joined a more relaxed guild with a lenient attendance policy. Focused mostly on heroic raiding and then people did whatever they wanted with their time (pvp, m+,etc).
    I have never been happier.i can enjoy the raiding scene without the stress it brought with it. and i dont feel like im letting anyone down either in-game or irl.

    Ofc this solution might not work for everyone. I work a 12h shift 5 days a week, so my time was already limited. So it worked for me.
    The idea is to consider which parts are important to you, and to set up realistic goals and expectations

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    "Do I want a steady income, a foundation for building a family / independence? Or an achievement in this videogame?"
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    I can only give you this advice. You gotta pace your Workload / Time spent ingame yourself. No one else wil do that for you. Thats what people have forgotten becase Legion/BFA encouraged 24/7 play. Peter Hines (Lead Game Designer Bethesda) once said: "If you let them Players will optimize the fun out of a game".

    I keep getting this experience myself so I decided for me to retire from mythic raiding.
    Blizzard has done a great job with pacing in terms of player power in sl imho. Throghast 2 Wings Layer 8 Clear and Covenant Quest thats roughly 2-3h a week.
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    There are CE guilds casual and skilled enough to fit full time working schedules, I've been in two since Legion. That said if you work times that make you unable to commit to most raiding schedules I just can't see how that could work for CE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    I literaly dont understand the full time job no time guild is been getting CE since wod and around 90% ish of us have full time jobs,some have kids also,and they manage just fine to set aside 2-3 hours a few nigths a week....the only people with issues are the people that sometimes need to work different shifts when the raid is taking place,but thats rare and just 2 people
    A full time job means that now you work 40-50 hours a week on top of the:

    56 hours of sleep
    7 hours eating
    3 hours cooking
    5 hours travel time to work +- some groceries on the way
    3 hours of exercise
    3 hours of toilet
    2 hours of shower
    7-20 hours of sex

    That's 120 hours already. Now go out with your kids on Saturday and meet some friends on Sunday and you're down to 30 hours.
    Do you spend that time doing 10 hours raiding, 10 hours grinding gear, reps, mats, powers, etc, 10 hours leveling characters?
    Or do you spend that time working on your personal hobby project/greatest dream of your life?
    Or do you maybe like.... sit back and enjoy life for a bit and rest?

    And mind you, this is me being absolutely nuts when it comes to discipline and time management. I managed to calculate every single minute I spend on daily/weekly activities and tried to be as optimal as possible, creating a few hours a day for gaming - my fiancee is 10 000 km away and we are under quarantine so I don't need to worry about time spent with other people (friends, family, etc). AND STILL it is too much. And not only because it takes time but because... it feels like a second job :P Now imagine people who don't manage their time like me and are more social than me. Life, hello?

    That said, I don't care about gear you will replace in 6 months so CE doesn't mean anything to me. But you said you don't understand so I was generous enough to do the math for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skynet1990 View Post
    I keep getting this experience myself so I decided for me to retire from mythic raiding.
    Blizzard has done a great job with pacing in terms of player power in sl imho. Throghast 2 Wings Layer 8 Clear and Covenant Quest thats roughly 2-3h a week.
    This TBH.
    Its been too long since i was able to breathecand chill in this game. I was able to level and gear up a second character, check out another covenant story without it affecting my progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SL1200 View Post
    what is ce?
    Cutting Edge.
    Clearing Mythic before next raid comes out

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    you can typically clear normal and heroic (and a couple of mythic bosses) by just doing PUGS in the group finder. i haven't committed to a raid schedule since early legion and had no issues being able to raid. especially with CN, there are groups at nearly every boss, you can jump in, kill a boss or two, and hop out if you're pressed for time.

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    What do you get from obtaining CE?

    recovering former gaming addict

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    Quote Originally Posted by CcB View Post
    What do you get from obtaining CE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synli View Post
    Hey all, just wanted to start a discussion on playing through the current (and I guess future) end game when you have a full time job. Like many I grew up playing this game and now have a full time job and far too many responsibilities to commit to a hardcore raid schedule. For the most part I'm wondering how you could get CE when you can't commit to a raid schedule.

    From what I can see in Shadowlands, it looks like doing PvP to gear up properly and then getting into a mythic run with a friend in a couple months is the most optimal way. M+ gear just doesn't seem to have the ilvl. Would this be the best way to do so when you can't commit to a raid team?
    Echoing what everyone here has said, it really depends on your job - if you work a regular hours, find a guild which raids with a schedule which fits your work schedule.

    I work in a client serving (office) job where my hours are *super* variable, to the extent that I cannot say today what time I will finish tomorrow, or if I'll need to work this weekend. This obviously means it's impossible to reconcile that with a raid schedule unless the guild are super happy with really intermittent attendance - which is *not* most CE guilds.

    This is why I didn't raid in Legion/BFA, and won't in Shadowlands beyond when my guild randomly had spots open, and the game for me for the last few tiers has been raid pugging and doing a lot of M+ (find some friends and try and just run with them when they're online, the smaller groups make it much more likely to find a good group like this).

    It's not ideal, but I can't complain about it, it's life and if it gets in the way of a game, need to decide on priorities, WoW is a lot less important than food on my table and providing for my family.

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    I nerver understand people having unreasonable expectation about what they can gain from the game without putting the time. OP clearly can't spend too much time in the game yet wants access to part of the game he can't reach without playing more. The answer is simple : reevaluate your expectations and your goals. The game can really be entertaining and enjoyable by having realistic expectation of what you can do, what you can reach. I personnally doesn't want to put the time to raid, even normal mode, and I'm fine with that. I play the game quite a lot and find a lot of things to do in order to progress my characters, have fun and play with friends. I know parts of the game are inaccessible and it's the way it is. It's a shame if the lack of time is linked to a job or commitments, but it's as simple as setting some priorities in life. I really think it's okay if players can't complete all the content in WoW or in any other games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mightytasty View Post
    Why do you want CE if you can’t commit to a raid team?
    because as a lot of people feel entitled to it just for buying a subscription he should be rewarded with the same stuff as everyone else, not even ahead of the curve is enoug, he needs cutting edge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinrael View Post
    A full time job means that now you work 40-50 hours a week on top of the:

    7-20 hours of sex
    Solid flex.

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    I ended pugging all the m+ content and i do raid when i can. I lowered my standards to the AotC cause i don't give a damn about Mythic raiding or competition - because let's face it, most guild obsessed with WoWProgress and such are the ones that struggle the most, both on progress and guild climate.

    I still have to optimize my play time. I can play only 2 evenings/week so that's basically all raid time until i decide to stay away for longer, which is not good since i wake up at 6AM. I focus in doing most of the rest during the weekend.

    From what my experience told me, the biggest issue is not the job schedule itself or how much time you punt in the game, but actually WHEN you get to play. If most time is during peak hours, then you'll be fine. If you're like me and a lot of time is in other time windows, you're gonna have an harder time.

    Yet, got past 600 this week, am 5/10HC, and progressing with an alt aswell while leveling my third character. So i'm going a good pace (while i would still like to be able to do more).
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    9 to 5 and little social ties is the only workable solution I've found over the years that comes at least somewhat easily. There are a few mythic guilds that are okay with clearing the raid in 2/3 raid days after a couple of months before the next patch. If your schedule is constantly changing or during odd hours then you are at a significant disadvantage.

    Everything else either requires you to be extremely good at the game, buying your way into groups that are or find that one unicorn guild out there that is skilled enough but puts up with your irregular schedule. I personally gave up on it despite having a rather managable work schedule, it's simply not worth it to structure my entire live around raid evenings instead of just going on casual dates and parties with friends. I mostly do m+ with smaller groups now that are easier to organize to fit each of our schedules and sometimes raid with people that kept up with raiding, essentially piggybacking their alt raids or if they happen to need a quick replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    ye sure ... ofc you can ...

    if you want soon to call your SO as EX and be a full time alimony payer.

    its cute though how much people love to lie on internet
    What kind of clingy needy relationships you been in that you can't have a couple hours "me time"... if you wife goes to the spa and hair dresser for 3 hours you always go with her so she isn't alone? If your husband goes to a neighbor to watch a game for 3 hours you always go with him? If you want to raid for 3 hours you can't because your SO doesn't let you?

    People in healthy relationships do a lot together but it's also perfectly healthy to have a couple hours me time without getting devorced.

    Kids of course complicate things a lot.

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    Grad school, full time, parent of 2 kids, a new puppy... my plate is really full at the moment but if I wanted to, I could definitely make time for raiding. Anyone can.

    If you sit down in front of Google Sheets or Excel, you can create your weekly schedule. It helps A LOT to be able to follow a schedule

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