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    204ilvl 850io Protection Paladin looking for Heroic guild (happy to xfer server)

    Hi guys,

    I'm Kanadei, here is a link to my armory and IO.

    My guild has recently imploded and I'm looking for a new home.

    A little bit about me
    -Been playing WoW since vanilla, tanking since MoP
    -Very actively into mythic+
    -Previously raided 9/10N and 2/10H this xpack
    -From Australia originally but currently living in Canada, toon is on Barthilas at the moment but looking to move servers to somewhere the timezone (and ping) makes more sense

    What I'm looking for
    -A medium sized guild looking to clear AOTC content and move beyond
    -Chill environment, I'm not super fussed if we don't get CE but would like people to be held accountable and perform as well as they can (logs, consumables etc.)
    -Not really keen for super elitist, I hold myself to a relatively high standard and expect you to as well but if you want to push world firsts or something, honestly there is probably someone better suited out there

    Raid Times
    -Preferably twice a week (open to 3x as well if needed)
    -7pm onwards PST, probably want to wrap up by 1am

    Basically I want a new home to crush heroic, and potentially try some mythic bosses as well. Would be nice to join a relatively established community (not a new guild which is going to fall apart next week) and run with a tight group with some achievable goals set.

    Feel free to reply here or add me rumor#11755 if you want to discuss further in game. Once again, happy to xfer server to raid with the right guild.
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