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    what exactly was wrong with this post??


    what exactly was wrong with this post so i can avoid a topic i've posted being locked in the future
    i found a video i could post to help explain the difference but the topic was locked

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    1. To the post you linked, the last post in the thread gives you a reason the thread was closed (random theories etc).
    "Please post or share your theories on an appropriate site or with a journal. This is closed."
    2. To this thread...
    in advance, the reason this thread will be closed are covered under: "Discussing moderator based actions" section of the Forum rules.

    Hope that helps.

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    The closing message of a thread should make it clear why a thread was closed. If you don't understand the closing message, you're welcome to PM the mod that closed it and ask for clarification. They aren't going to debate it with someone if they're just reaching out to argue about it, but they should be able to explain better if there is a genuine confusion or misunderstanding over a closure.

    Just speaking generally, not every thread is locked because of a problem with the original post. They can also be closed if the thread has gone unrecoverably off topic or into forbidden territory, or if the information is outdated, or a number of other reasons unrelated to fault in the OP. In the cases where they are closed because of the original post, not everything is going to necessarily result in an infraction. If a topic is benign but not appropriate here, the thread may simply be locked with no repercussions to the creator. If a thread is a real problem and the OP does appear to be acting in bad faith, it will likely be paired with an infraction that will clarify further the issues with the situation.

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