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    Same thing I was going to say. Creeping Death is the first song that pops into my head if I have to choose a favorite.
    "Creeping Death" is actually my favorite too. It's just not as important as "Ride the Lighting". Everything after "Ride the Lightning" is trying to be Ride the Lightning, basically.
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    The Memory Remains

    Anything from either Load or ReLoad is pretty damned great. Its all got a unique sound that's almost like Alice in Chains on speed.

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    My choice will always be Bleeding Me. It has always resonated with me and is my go-to jam. "This thorn in my side is from the tree I've planted" is a painfully accurate quote for my life. It's chunky levels of heavy with awesome melody and the solo is one of my favorites. It helps that Load was the first album (cassette!) I ever owned. Also, S&M nailed its version. (my mom almost wouldn't buy it for me because of the song Ain't My Bitch and she didn't believe me when I said they don't swear in any of their songs.)
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    The intro to Blackened is their best "song" but it was never turned into an official song on its own. Many people have taken it and turned it into one hour loops, forwards and backwards, etc. It was so haunting and creepy. Sends chills up your spine when you hear it the first time.
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    Lots of good choices mentioned so far. I’m going to throw this one in the mix.
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    Enter Sandman is my choice

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    No one mentioned Battery? Am sad.
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    Orion simply because the bass part from Cliff is amazing

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    In their old shows they always did an a great opening with "The Ecstasy of Gold" and "Blackened".

    Still one of the best shows of my life.

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    I also really like their version of Whiskey in a Jar

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    So there is quite the selection of the glorious old stuff here already. I am, however, slightly confused that no one mentioned this absolute masterpiece of a song, which i can not post here 'cause reasons. maybe someone else will do me the favor:

    Outlaw Torn in the s&m2 - version. Pure gold. That whole album actually. Honorable mention goes to Halo On Fire from the same show.

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    Puppets is the best album.

    Master of Puppets, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Orion are my picks there. Really tough to pick just one song because Lightning and Justice are pretty loaded too. I'll be listening to Metallica all day.
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    For whom the bell tolls. Fade to black being a clear second.

    After that, it starts to be more of an overlap. Not much of a fan of post-Cliff Burton Metallica. I am big into bassists, and to me, it never felt like other bass players really got a fair shot. Understandably, but a shame nonetheless.
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    Sanitarium. Hands down best Metallica song.
    Now That We're Dead off hardwired is one of my favorite newer songs.
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    Apart from the classic songs like Master of Puppets, Battery, Fuel, The Memory Remains... the more recent songs like That Was Just Your Life, Cyanide, Hardwired and Moth Into Flame are songs I still listen to very often.

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    One and/or Enter Sandman

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    Here would be my picks for top song. I have seen them live twice and plan on seeing them as many times as I can before they stop.

    Master of Puppets
    Fade to Black
    Four Horsemen
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    Creeping Death(Especially live)

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    Fade to Black
    Nothing Else Matters

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    The only one i like from them is ''Nothing Else Matters'', hopefully i enjoy it quite a lot.

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