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    Probably not going to be something we, as players, will be a part of.

    I assume It's goint to be handeled "between" either patches or expansions.

    Unless they outright kill him at the end of this expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kixxenn View Post

    A character similar to these... Oh wait I forgot, it doesn't exist in this franchise. Discrimination and all that. All women need to be scowling constantly and spitting on men, or demeaning them. Silly me, how could I have forgotten.

    I thought I would go out of my way to make a productive post. Instead I feel like visuals ("pictures") for now would be just as effective.
    So you're suggesting somebody who is doomed and will die before long in some weird bid to save the world that doesn't become clear until much later?
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    No one since he becomes the new lich king

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    I guess there's folks here that didn't get the hint of his future because they didn't read the latest book

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagina View Post
    Bland trophy wife, perfect for Blanduin.
    Talk about judging abook by its cover rofl

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    Quote Originally Posted by kappalol View Post
    Noone. hes not gonna survive this expansion
    What brings you to this conclusion? I honestly cannot see writers killing, or otherwise ditching their blonde Mary Sue.
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    The Jailer's first ever appearance involved chucking him [Baine] off a cliff for being too shit to even qualify as a Maw trash mob.

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    Hopefully he gets a Dwarf lady back
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    Hope it's Valeera because there's one dude on these boards that would lose his shit for years over it. Would be funny af.

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    After all these cinematics? The Jailer, definitely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurkan View Post
    It's Taelia, I mean, why else would they do that little introduction back in BfA.
    Nah, Sylvanas.

    "Who we can - " *cuts herself off*


    Ol' Sylvy wouldn't say these things to someone she doesn't have a crush on. <3
    "For Teldrassil."
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Anduin has enough problems without getting married.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Nah, Sylvanas.

    "Who we can - " *cuts herself off*


    Ol' Sylvy wouldn't say these things to someone she doesn't have a crush on. <3
    Sylvie is proving to be a massive cougar LMAO
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    The Jailer's first ever appearance involved chucking him [Baine] off a cliff for being too shit to even qualify as a Maw trash mob.

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    I think the whole My FaThEr Is DeD cUz o' YoU thing was to put the Anduin x Wrathion rumours to rest, sadly.

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    They should make it like a reality TV show, like The Bachelor: Stormwind edition. Then the player base could weigh in. Somewhere in there, we're going to find out that Taelia is the child of Bolvar Fordragon and Calie Menethil (why else is Calia in Oribos standing next to her in front of Bolvar?!?).
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    Anyone saying Wrathion is either delusional or trolling.

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    Genn Greymane

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Aranis View Post
    No one since he becomes the new lich king
    Lich Kings need love too.

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    No one. WoW is not a romance. Hence it should not have any focus on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
    He seems to be quite fond of Wrathion, to the point that he'd completely rely on his advice while an Old God is on the loose. Instead of beseeching the aid of the group of ascended mortals that defied the shadows' whispers and would have been a much better ally than Wrathion.
    Anduin used to consider Wrathion a kindred soul and a brother from another mother, until Wrathion betrayed him. But Anduin is very reasonable so he doesn't just brushes off a potential ally like Wrathion because of personal grievance.

    As for marriage, I will give you all something outrageous : Sylvanas!
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    Anduin will likely end up marrying Taelia, theres too many obvious hints back in BFA that set this up.

    His knownig Bolvar's "pet names" for her was a start which is an obvious story cliché for the noble or affectionate type having a sense of kindred bond with the other.

    Both of them are humbler people than they deem to be, but Taelia wants to be someone important and Anduin is already someone important wanting to be someone humble.

    Prince and pauper story is a classic throwdown.

    I was humoring the idea of someone crazy like Vanessa but that woulda been too off field at this point given nobody really knows her on an active story presense level. Taelia is more than likley our winner because Wrathion and Anduin's bond is more like two very bitter brothers, they're basically the wow equivilent of Xavier and Magnito. Respecting each others ideal while equally disliking each others methods.

    Wrathion and Anduin *wont* happen as a ship, id have said Tess but Tess story is veering her closer to Lorna Crowley of late and I wouldnt be surprised if the two ended up being a couple in the end. Shes sort of been gradually getting closer to Lorna she already hinted she isnt interested in ruling the kingdom of Gilneas, meaning I am inclined to believe it will go to someone else.

    Tess is- probably gay, if im honest, theres a few solid hints to it.

    Taelia is definatley straight, shes been hinted for having a crush on Flynn but its never really more than just a passing fling.

    Anduin might also be... femininely boyish but he is still very much a "straight man" its been hinted several times in the novels he had a crush on women, infact at one point it was hinted he had a thing for a dwarven mentor of his at a young age which makes him blush (so we know hes into stout girls lol).

    Again, this kinda lines up with Taelia, shes tough, broad, tomboyish and fits the kinda tastes that Anduin has, plus she wants to be a knight to serve a people and honorably, which she earns in BFA, shes always wanted to be more than just a commoner.

    Anduin is in contrast, after that humbler life he doesnt enjoy the crown even if he is a natural speaker because he just wants to enjoy being a boy, something Genn tries to protect too during the end of Legion with his heart warming moment smiling at him giving speaches, but hes kinda annoyed at Shaw for interrupting Anduin's peace-loving sentiment.

    As for those humoring the Sylvanas/Jaina ideas:

    Jaina is content to be single and I think shes gonna be content to be single for a loooong while.

    Sylvanas has Nathanos, and she isnt gonna suddenly change that, hes a kid to her, theres no way they'll end up together because they're too far apart. Sylvanas may end up comming to like Anduin in another way though, genuine respect or some degree of cautionary affection more akin to a mother to a child.

    You can very clearly see she has a special place for him in ways she wouldnt to anyone else, but it isnt the kinda special you would see in a romantic relationship, its the fact that Anduin is willing to give her a chance, and she sees him as the last if not only possible hope of redemption she has left, and that alone is why she cares about him.

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