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    Quote Originally Posted by kaintk View Post
    unbelievable ! frost dk will go from last to second last position dps

    gg blizzard ! we were all waiting for this

    by the way, sarcasm here
    I'm pretty sure 2-Handed frost exists solely as a way to play Frost while trying to get 2 good 1-handed weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baroclinic View Post
    I'm pretty sure 2-Handed frost exists solely as a way to play Frost while trying to get 2 good 1-handed weapons.

    Not necessarily. I mean, as it stands Dual-Wield remains the stronger option, and that's unfortunate for 2-handed players.

    There has always been a loud group of DK players who have voiced their disdain for Frost going purely Dual-Wield in Legion. That would be almost 5 years of people wanting either to back to 2-handed or have the option for 2-handed.

    Personally, I always advocated for a cosmetic change to it. Something like Demonology Warlock's glyph that changes the appearance of their Felguard's weapon to whatever 2-handed weapon you have in your bags. A glyph for DK's that changes the appearance (and thus, your attack animations) of your Dual-Wield weapons to a 2-handed weapon in your bags.

    Now they have given us 2-handed and the balancing between the two play styles is a hot topic... but it was predicted to be a hot topic even all the back then.
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    The 2 hand thing was cool, but it's turned FDK into a design patchwork unfortunately. The talents are very very bad when you use a 2 hander. But then when you dual wield, all of a sudden the talents become good and doors and options open up. Yeah........

    Anyway, it was a decent attempt, I'm not mad at them, but they're screwing around too much with the classes at this point. After I saw the Anduin cinematic (which basically looks like Anduin as a Frost DK), I'm convinced they nerfed FDK on purpose for story reasons. "Can't feature Frost DK too much this xpac, better nerf em abit!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    "Can't feature Frost DK too much this xpac, better nerf em abit!"

    A nerf/buff is more likely a random change at this point. DEVs dont play this class and the spreadsheet tunings do more harm as anything else for death knights, since we are pooled together with specs like warriors or outlaw-rogues that get individual workarounds after each spreadsheet madness, while DK is usually is left in the random state it was given.

    I liked the game more in the past with rotations in the META every content patch, the LEGION / BFA / SL expansion wide unfixed state for some classes and specs is not that great for this MMO.

    The choice you are given are going each major change with the META and reroll or just participate in the content for transmog and collecting reasons.
    Balancing is not a real thing mid content or mid expansion anymore and outside of a few exceptions (played by DEVs) its either rerolling to a DEV class that got special fixes, rerolling to a current META class or quit the game outside of content tourism.
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    As long as blizzard isnt nerfing convoke into the ground literally nothing else matters.

    i'm not sure how its taken them months so far without a proper nerf to convoke and seemingly none being in the works.

    its laughable really.

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    Most specs are fine, i think the game hasnt been more balanced in a long time then now, but i might be wrong there..

    People, Lets all Just stop pretending were top world 5 raiders and actually are able to get out the 2% difference between the classes and Just go back to play what we enjoy, oke? Then this kind of threads Will die in mere seconds and we can all have the funsies!
    Its, ihmo, fcking insane that people think they can do more dmg with the FOTM specs then specs they main for years..its blowing ma mind.

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