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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihavewaffles View Post
    Only ninjas want master loot.

    If ur in a guild, people will pass loot they don't need. So stop crying u can't force loot privilege..
    Yeah! Unless... you know... that item is 5 ilvl higher than whatever they have in the slot. Say there's an item that is 10 ilvl under whatever it is they get, but that 10ilvl lower item is 50% better than the thing that just dropped. Great. Now say it's god-tier for someone else. A shame that loot is fucking wasted instead of used in the best way for the GROUP that helped acquire it, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wysmark View Post
    2. Loot drama. Ive been a part of a LOT of interesting DKP or loot distribution methods. I cleared Black Temple without getting a single piece of loot (in total went 6 months High and dry). Now.. no more long diskussions of “what benefits the guild most” or if this new memoer is ready to get loot
    There's still plenty of loot drama, it's just directed at a different place. The entire reason I play (played?) the game was to epeen stroke in raids and on warcraft logs to the best of my and my raid groups' ability. To do that, you flat out need gear. Having the wombo of personal loot AND a dumb assed McForging made my goal nearly impossible unless I was lucky. Luck should have 0 or near 0 to do with it.

    Three tiers between legion and BFA I ended with over 10ilvl difference between myself and the highest ilvl member of the raid. That's huge and retarded. Now take into account people who no-lyfed M+... How am I supposed to compete with that? Even if you have the skill, you can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wysmark View Post
    It could and it did
    Without any proof, i am doing to discard this statement, because you can literally test it in Classic right now.

    It's a continous issue in every ZG pug because people switch to Group Loot for trash (as people don't want to assign Bijous and coins manually), then forget to turn on ML before the Boss, realize it midfight, turn ML on and people can still roll on items, as it needs to be on ML before the boss is pulled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reckleon View Post
    Heya. I havent played BFA i took a long break.
    Now i have returned in shadowlands and also returned to competetive raiding.
    Dam the amount of loot that is actually wasted with personal loot is beyong my imagination.
    Why do people complain that much about masterloot in een Guild raid envoirment?
    Like if ur in the guild u want to progress and giving certain classes their correct stats helps...
    Now you are forced to keep the crappy Ring so you can trae the next ring you will get..
    Yes coa it work so well the the Guild leader decide to give loot to all his friend. DKP also don't work coz people would not waste them till the BiS item drop so you have perfectly good upgrade getting D/E and if any new member join the guild good luck to them getting any loot coz everyone will have more DKP. Reset DKP weekly you say? well that's unfair for those who raided with the guild for past few raid tier and show up every raid. So personal loot is better answer.

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    I hope we never see Masterloot back in any form. While it could work good with the right people in theory, people and guilds are way too greedy to do it properly. A few of the things I saw guilds do with Masterloot:

    - Disenchant a bow right in front of a Hunter who needed it because "we don't give trials loot."
    - Change and massage DKP in order to ensure that they controlled who got the loot they want
    - Ninja mounts/pets/rare items
    - Force pugs to join the guild in order to stay in raid to hit the 80% mark for Masterloot
    - Open up loot to whomever bid and paid the loot master the most gold
    - Funnel loot to friends, then trim the remaining people out of the raid because they weren't high enough ilevel
    - Divide up loot based solely on parse, which caused people to skip mechanics for better parses

    While it's true that those are issues with trash guilds and trash raid officers, the problem is that sort of behavior was becoming more and more common with raids at all levels. Finding a guild with a decent loot system was increasingly difficult, which I'm sure led to more raiders quitting the game out of frustration. Now, loot is largely loot. There's still stuff like RC Loot Council where some degree of Masterloot can occur, but I at least am for the most part able to control my own loot as I get it.

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    Honestly, I think wow should adopt a system like FFXIV has in place for Savage mode Raids

    Loot drops like normal, but every player in the raid acquires a Book (Token) which they can spend on getting a piece of gear they need after a certain # of kills. However since FFXIV only has 4 bosses per raid tier, it does kinda make it difficult, but not impossible, to adopt to wow, and I think I figured it out and believe it or not, it was thanks to LFR

    Put all the items in the raid on a vendor, and put tokens on the following 4 bosses

    1. Lady Inerva Darkvein
    2. Council of Blood
    3. Stonefist Generals
    4. Sire Denathrius

    You with me so far?

    Alright, these 4 bosses drop a token based on their difficulty (LFR - Mythic) which you take to the vendor and you can turn in for items based on their cost

    Proc / Stat based Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks, Rings, and Necks = 1 token from each boss
    On Use Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, and Belts = 2 tokens from each boss
    Melee and Intellect 1 Hander Weapons, Shields, Chest Pieces, Helms, and Legs = 3 tokens from each boss
    Melee and Intellect 2 hander weapons = 4 tokens from each boss

    Also with this system in place, one could bring back master looting for guilds, because in theory, pugs/trials would still get loot from bosses in the form of the tokens everyone gets. It also lets you target loot off a certain boss that never drops (Stone Legion Heraldry....*grumble*) It also does not Invalidate the Great Vault because you still want to get lucky from getting those raid boss loot there, but also because there would be no system in place to target Mythic + Items you desire which still gives incentive to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    Hate hate hated masterloot.
    Raidlead always tried to be fair and give loot to the person who needed it the most everyonw git bis and whatnot but that never really worked.
    DKP is even shittier system.
    Personal loot is fine. Stupid for world first with split raids. Yeah maybe but idgas abotu that.

    And i really really despise more currencies i am forced to grind... valor points... *barf*

    I like the way it is now. Loot is scarce but if you get something you feel good about it. Remember legion and bfa? Loot left and right. 20 rings in the bag becuase who knows what is best.
    I have not been happier with the loot system in a very long time.
    Yeah, I absolutely love getting a 220 ring with shit stats on it that I can’t trade to a guild member it’s better for and now I have to trade away every ring with good stats that drops because the guild member(s) that didn’t get the risky over me now get a high ilvl one. Truly amazing watching this happen. And no, it’s not just rings as it applies to matching armor types, trinkets, cloaks, and necks.
    The only thing that it does work for are weapons and that’s because it’s a token drop from the boss. As much as I hate badge ideas, it almost feels like every drop from a boss should just be a token now that you can use it a vendor to select the item you want in that slot.
    Kill Shriekwing? Here’s a token for a neck, or a cloak, or belt slot. To trade it in for the piece you want. Kill Huntsman? Here’s a token for a chest slot, or a weapon slot, etc.

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    I'm just gonna say it, if you played with people who would abuse master loot or start loot drama, personal loot did not fix them, they are still the same human trash, but are now harder to spot. They will still act shitty, and ultimately you will just spend more time in their company. Loot drama was the perfect bait to weed out people you don't want to play with.

    I do agree with not having it in pugs though, but let the guilds choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    You forgot the biggest +:

    + you can quit the game in a week since you'll be BiS and there's nothing left to do!
    Oh please. If you think getting no loot or very little loot will keep you running it, you are very much mistaken. Maybe SOME people, but majority will just stop since it's all the same or look for alternatives (Mythic+)

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    make personal loot tradable... master loot gets abused to much. either its some asshat running off with everything, or they give it to their buds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loveliest View Post
    Oh please. If you think getting no loot or very little loot will keep you running it, you are very much mistaken. Maybe SOME people, but majority will just stop since it's all the same or look for alternatives (Mythic+)
    Nice of you to speak on behalf of the majority of the playerbase my guy. Got any other anecdotal presumptions you'd like to masquerade as indisputable facts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraHydra1 View Post
    I do remember people trying to get pushy about loot trading in early legion LFR, but obviously they had nothing to back their demands up with.
    lol what?

    also, what does LFR have to do with any master loot discussion?

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