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    1 shotted layers 3 to 8 at around 190-195 ilvl as Havoc.

    All you really need is the increasing immolation aura damage conduit.

    Then as powers, the immolation duration refresher, as many 100% immolation aura damage, immunity during eye beam and reduced cd while eye beam casted in demon form.

    If you can get some chances for eye beam to not incur a cooldown, you're golden, use the legendary too if you have it.

    Also as much extra hp as possible. Don't remember exact numbers but the last boss of layer 8 was hitting me for lile 100k.

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    Havoc. Like everyone else said do the immolation aura build and keep moving to stop it from dropping. Go back and loot everything once you killed the whole floor.

    Also get the power that increases eye beam damage every time you loot phantasma and save eye beam for every 6th floor boss. My eye beam tooltip said 1.5m damage and I also had the fel devastation legendary so easily over 2m damage from just one eye beam alone.

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    Did it as havoc, but failed one time when i were to much glasscannon with 70k hp and only dps powers and would just be oneshotted on floor 17.

    So i picked alot of % Health powers and also blur, ended up with 170k hp and 90% uptime with blur with 20% leech and it was an easy time at floor 17 and the last boss on 18. Still did around 200k dps on the boss and 0 deaths

    216 ilvl and chest legendary
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    pick 4x eyebeam 20% reset (DGM)
    pick 1x imune to dmg while eyebeaming
    pick Blind fury talent
    Pick DGB lego
    pick 1-X Fel dev while eyebeaming for good messure
    Gz you are now Exodia
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