Hello there ,

I'm a 34 year old guy who plays a DH tank since the last season of BFA.
I'm currently at 900io and have cleared all dungeons on 10+ atleast.
Like many among you I've had bad experiences with pugs , my biggest frustration being people who instantly leave at the first (minor) setback in a run.
I'd like to get the +15 mount every season atleast , and potentially push higher with the right people!

The main handicap for me is that I can't always be on discord ( i play in my living room where my family resides as well ) and i generally only play during the evening ( 20:00-23:30ST). Also I work 2 nights a week , but am generally online the other 4-5 nights.

I'm not looking to go hardcore , but rather want to have a list of friends that like to play +10/15 range and learn/succeed/fail together.

I do expect people to know their class and their class's tools , bring consumables and knowledge of the dungeons ( what to interrupt , mob displacement , tank/healing assistance etc). Ofcourse this can also be discussed in the group , where people are free to input their own strategies/tactics.

If you'd like to have a talk or are interested in this you can add my btag ; Kilowat#2374

Have a good one!