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    Haha you think this is complicated?

    Try to understand Maldraxxus
    People literally get shred limb from limb there and get recreated into another entity.
    Oh and they literally revive/resurrect maldraxxi soldiers that died in maldraxxus.
    Do you die? Did you die? Are you alive? Are you dead or dead? How does necromancy work inside Maldraxxus?
    How does it work?

    Don't try to make sense of it.
    Giving a Heaven physical form was the biggest mistake wow creators could do.
    I like the expansion so far tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hero2Zer0 View Post
    Player death isn't part of the story its a game mechanic, the only time we have died in game was when Lich King killed us. When we die doing raids/quests/open world/pvp none of that is us actually dying. At least that's how I've always understood it.
    Why I actually agree it's not consistent. When you roll a demon hunter and play the introduction scenario and then die, Illidan will whisper you something along the lines of, "Oh, I see you are an immortal soul as well, just like me" while you are running to your corpse in "ghost" form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corydon View Post
    Hey folks!

    I find some Shadowlands "mechanics" kinda disturbing or not explained well enough. So when a person on (e.g.) Azeroth dies, their soul (and apparently their body appearance) will go to the Shadowlands into one of the four destinations and be there forever as a reward/punishment for their actions they did when they were alive...

    ...until they die in the Shadowlands. What then?

    I know we are the champion of Azeroth and different rules apply to us. We basically cannot die at all. Although we have to act as if we could.

    But all the other characters (NPC) are basically dead when they die. All those Maldraxxus or Kyrian or whatever fighters that are dying all the time? They're dead for good. I understand beings have to die in the Shadowlands or else it would fill up rather quickly...

    But overall it sounds to me like every person has basically two lives. First one on Azeroth (or Draenor or Argus or any other "SL-connected realm") and the second one in the Shadowlands. And when they die there it's all over. Or... isn't? (Read those last two words in Vsauce Michael Stevens style.)

    Sounds a little weird to me but maybe I'm not fully getting it.

    On a side note: I think Sylvanas wants to fiddle with this and change mechanics. Not sure in which way but she has an agenda of course.
    Yes, that's pretty much it. The kyrians note several times that their brothers and sisters who die are gone forever. There's a quest where you go around and disperse afterimages of dead kyrians who are nothing more than anima echoes.

    As for your side note, that's my idea too. I think Sylvanas is fed up with the idea of "suffer your whole life, then die and have no control over anything and be sent somewhere else to suffer more until you cease to exist" and either wants to just burn everything or genuinely believes the Jailer has a better system to put in place.
    The most difficult thing for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back. The second most is to receive something they didn't want or ask for and be grateful for it, not immediately demand what they wanted instead.

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