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    Any healbot/vuhdot users? Which spells for which buttons? - new to disc priest

    Hi guys, I am a returning player, my main was a rogue and decided to re-roll a disc priest. Currently using vuhdo. I am curious how do others using vudhdo/healbot assign their spells to the buttons?

    I am currently playing casually until I get the hang of disc priest healing. Thanks in advance for sharing your keybinds/spells as buttons as I am a little lost at the moment.

    So far my spells are as follows:

    Mouse Left click: Power Word: Shield
    Middle button: Pain Supression
    Mouse right click: Shadow Mend
    Mouse button 4 (side button) = Power Word: Radiance
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    I use Vuhdo.

    I use a mouse over macro for PW:S so that I can quickly, on-screen, shield/atonement targets I know are about to take damage.

    For vuhdo itself, my left/right are Shadow Mend, shift-right is PW:S, middle shift is PW:Radiance. Shift-left is Penance. Ctrl-left is my dispel, CTRL-right is my Pain Suppression. That’s about it. Everything else is on the keyboard, like Rapture, Mass Dispel, and Evangelism.

    The first thing to do is to get out of the mindset of maintaining a specific set of atonements or reactive healing. Your goal is to know ahead of time when incoming damage is about to happen and that’s when you set up your atonements. I usually open atonement healing with a mind blast followed by SW:P and then smite spam. In raid I usually do maintain atonements on the tanks at least, but I float atonements when I know damage is incoming, and I save up a radiance for just before it hits. I throw out halo after, it’s a quick cast.

    Unfortunately that means that disc can be a struggle in an uncoordinated group where mistakes are made that mean damage comes in when it’s not supposed to, but it can be incredibly rewarding to play with friends who work well together. Seeing your dps translating into big fat green heals all over the screen because you hit smite on one mob is just the best!

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    Left - Shadow Mend
    Alt Left - Penance
    Shift Left - Pain Suppression
    Ctrl Left - Dispel
    Right - Power Word: Shield
    Alt Right - Power Word: Radiance
    Shift Right - Rapture

    Evangelism, Mass Dispel and Spirit Shell are cast using keybinds.

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    I'm using Clique, but the idea seems to be the same, this is my setup:

    LMB - PW:S
    Ctrl + LMB - PS
    Alt + LMB - Shining Force
    RMB - Shadow Mend
    Ctrl + RMB - Radiance
    Alt + RMB - Rapture
    Scroll down - Dispel
    MMB - PI

    For Penance I use a mouseover macro instead of mouseclicks since I want to switch between being able to damage or heal with the same button:
    /cast [@mouseover, exists, nodead, help][] Penance;

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