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    Damn i thought the 250g comment was hyperbole, but shit if it's not 497g for cloth bracers right now, Though seems to be an outlier, but yeah cloth runecarving gear is cheap af, even 235 most expensive is 25k g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    I don't want people to reply with comments that aren't constructive to the conversation like pretty much all of your replies. Telling someone to "stop whining" isn't constructive in the slightest.
    Neither is contradicting yourself multiple times.
    You say there is "nothing to do", and yet have barely scratched the surface of content on offer.
    You say things are too easy, but haven't even got to the harder difficulties.
    You say you cant get a legendary, and yet actively avoid doing the activities that would allow you to get the legendary.
    You say no one is allowed to suggest you quit / take a break, and yet admit yourself that you dont actually have fun playing the game.

    People have offered very constructive and genuine solutions to your perceived "problems" and you simply dismiss them because you dont "want" to do that. Well im sorry, but when you have reached the point where you openly admit that playing the game is not fun for you anymore, it really is time to move on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    I don't know why I thought that this thread would have a constructive conversation. Time and time again I'm shown that if you say anything negative about WoW, people will launch themselves at you like lions on a wounded gazelle.
    You said you wanted a discussion but you're upset that you didn't get the echo chamber you wanted? You even acknowledged in your op that people.will have diff opinions but apparently those opinions are now attacks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    And I don't understand how you can say the timegating isn't that bad. This expansion is "alt friendly" purely because you simply run out of stuff to do on your main. That's not a good thing.
    So it is bad that the game gives you so little to do you actually have time to play alts? Would you rather there be to much to do on one character that you can't play an alt? And then complain about that? The time gating really isn't that bad. Most of the stuff it is unlocking you can't afford anyways do to limited resources. And if it wasn't time gated Blizzard would just have it behind ridiculous grinds to slow it down. And then you would be complaining about the grind.

    An alt can catch up to the renown cap relatively quickly. And then you just have to work on getting Anima to upgrade or buy cosmetics. As for the Jailer being underwhelming they are taking the same approach they did for WotLK. Have him show up and be a part of the story which makes it have a little less dramatic appeal because you've seen them at several times and not much has come of it. But over all the Jailer is no better or worse then any other villain in the history of the game.

    There are a few places that could use a flight path added but it really isn't that bad. You can still finish a lot before your hearth cool down is up. You also can't complain about having to grind stuff and travel if you are against time gating. Because that is the alternative you get. It sounds like the game just isn't for you so you are looking for excuses to justify that opinion rather then to offer anything compelling.
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    You know a community is bad when moderators lock a thread because "...this isnt the place to talk about it either seeing as it will get trolled..."

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    Just close this shit show of a thread topic already.

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    You should know better than anybody that "I don't like the game, convince me to like it," threads are pretty boring. They barely qualify as discussion topics as you're just baiting people who disagree with your list of opinions into "proving" them wrong. To cap the thread off with a threat to people who correctly advise you not to play a game you clearly have issues with is just adding fuel to the flames. I'll say this: Your criticisms are valid but they're valid only to you and a handful of players who will likely agree with some of your points.

    Personally, I feel like SL is the perfect balance between WoD and Legion that I've wanted to see in the game for a very long time. It's not perfect (no WoW expansion has been) but it checks all the boxes I'm looking for in a MMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    So I received Shadowlands as a gift so I played through most of the content. Haven't done the raid yet so I won't be forming an opinion on it. But everything else? This expansion feels worse than WoD in a lot of ways to me. Here's why:

    1. Graveyards are WAYYYYY too spaced out. More often than not when I die I have a 600 meter run back to my corpse and because there's spots in the zones where you can just plummet to your death for no reason, this is pretty annoying. If they're going to make zones have random gaps in the landscape, then they should really make more graveyards. Instead, I have to go on a hike just to get back to my body.

    2. The expansion story is so incredibly underwhelming. The Jailer is a useless villain that does more brooding than doing any actual evil. Even in WoD I was pulled into the story more. Shadowlands' story is just boring and forgettable.

    3. All of the zones are ugly as sin, spare Revendreth. Bastion is just bland and pale plains. Maldraxxus is dark and brooding with really terrible looking landscape. Ardenweald just looks like a darker Val'sharah. At least Revendreth has some interesting architecture.

    4. The Maw is hands down the most annoying thing ever implemented into the game. It's a massive zone that you can't mount up in which just makes it a chore to do anything there. The Eye of the Jailer mechanic is just a really stupid gating mechanic that makes the zone feel way worse. There is absolutely nothing fun about the Maw.

    5. Torghast is pretty much faceroll. It was advertised as being challenging and more rogue-like than other WoW activities. It's not challenging at all. I've only done the first three wings so far but they've been so faceroll that I don't understand why Blizzard said it would be challenging from the get-go.

    6. Legendaries are unobtainable if you don't have the right crafting profession or don't have lots of gold. One piece of the base item needed to craft a legendary is 50-60k on my server. So I've just had to accept I'll never get a single legendary.

    7. The lack of a flight whistle is infuriating. It makes doing world quests exceptionally annoying because they're so spaced out and pretty much are all a huge hike away from flight masters.

    8. And finally, timegating in this expansion has been the worst I've ever seen in the game's history. Having to wait a fucking week after finishing a quest chain to get the next step in the campaign is obnoxious. Pretty much everything in SL is gated and has made the expansion utter trash in my eyes.

    I understand not everyone is going to agree with me and that's fine. But does anyone share any of these opinions with me? I can't be the only one.

    Update: Don't respond to this with a comment like "Just stop playing the game". It adds absolutely nothing to the conversation.
    Worse then WoD? well then ur opinion is already invalid.
    This expansion is pretty good so far, it has alot of nice new stuff and countered alot of issues like leveling.
    As no gear u have to struggle through zones, how people always wanted (Instead of pulling 10 mobs at once)

    And Torghast is just a new feature u can put urself into.

    Flight whistle is more of a 'I want to move fast cause im lazy'

    Legendaries are called legendaries for a reason and not 'Free Item here'

    Stop using the word "Worst i have ever seen in this game" cause you obvious never played this game properly then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    1. Haven't seen this as a problem, but then again I rarely die in the open world and, when I do, it's usually because I was trying to climb something I shouldn't and fell off the world (I have a bad habit of that sorta thing). Maybe a couple more in weird nooks would help. /shrug

    2. The Jailer is far from useless so far, seeing as how it was his machinations that caused anima drought, the fallen, the deal with Denathrius, you just have to pay attention. It is rather boring, I'll give you that, but he's not useless. Not yet, anyway. It's early, so let's see how it unfolds and how he becomes a cuck for Sylvanas' trickery. (I have a theory he's thinking he's using her but it's her using him and he will be irrelevant soon enough bc they love Sylvy).

    3. I feel they are appropriate for their settings. Fields of Elysium for the "pleasant" angel afterlife, abominations and such for the warring afterlife. They all fit, so to each their own. I'm not offended or blown away by them.

    4. The Maw is fine; it's hell. The Eye mechanic is great because it means you don't HAVE to farm your balls off every day. Just go for 15-20 minutes and you are done, ready to use your Ve'nari hearth and go away. Also, it's not required for anything other than a handful of souls (hint: the respawn time on the rock thigs that hold them spawn fast, so go down the hill on the right where there's two of them and just go back and forth, done in 2-3 minutes).

    5. Torghast is fun, just play on harder levels with a group. Solo, yeah, it's boring just like every other piece of solo content. With friends and everyone getting crazy powers, it gets pretty wild and entertaining. It's a nice "something else" to do when you get burned out on keys and such.

    6. Legendaries at 50k are very obtainable. You get 1.5-2k from the daily calling alone, not to mention any vendor stuff. Don't do professions? Don't have any other income? at 50k you get a leggo in less than a month. It's the effort you put in, and it's a far cry better than any other legendary system they've ever had. If you start with base leggo items, they can also come cheaper, all depending on server cluster obv, but if you aren't pushing higher raids/keys, the 190/210 range would probably serve you well. Also, if you are a class that can tank or heal, watch for heroic bonuses. The bag has 900g in it each time plus some augments, on top of loot/vendor trash from the run. Depending on how you farm gold, could be an option /shrug

    7. Flight whistle would be nice, but it's not that bad. A 30 second mount run to the next quest/fp isn't that bad. You can also use zone travel points (if it's your home), there's toys (hearty dragon plume) that can help move around. There's options to use around whistle, but yeah, that'd be nice.

    8. Timegating for the story I think is fine because there are rewards tied to the story which would have thrown off progression balance pretty badly for those who play 16 hours a day and chug through it in a few days versus those who only play maybe a couple hours a day. I'm okay with timegating when it has power implications. Remove power implications from the main campaign, then give it all at once or pace it, doesn't matter. Personally I prefer the timegating because otherwise I might end up playing too long and go to bed too late. I'm too old for all nighters with work in the morning lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Maldraxxus is BADASS and is NOT for WEAKLINGS.
    WE don't need to look PRETTY. We are STRONG.

    \m/ /epic metal guitar solo

    Literally Maldraxxus is the only zone where the NPCs aren't all about feeling sorry for themselves, wusses, or decade and a half late Twilight fanfic, let's be real. Maldraxxus is military fucking MIGHT, yo.
    Yeah, it's not bad. Thematically the zone is nice, though it gets major minus points for the world boss placement

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    Yeah, it's not bad. Thematically the zone is nice, though it gets major minus points for the world boss placement
    Yeah... I'll agree with that.



    Also, with laughter, I'll echo my sentiment: it is for the STRONG. NOT the weak. You must be STRONG to get to the world boss! Mwahahaha
    "For Teldrassil."
    Quote Originally Posted by mmocd061d7bab8 View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanman12345 View Post
    Damn i thought the 250g comment was hyperbole, but shit if it's not 497g for cloth bracers right now, Though seems to be an outlier, but yeah cloth runecarving gear is cheap af, even 235 most expensive is 25k g.
    Look up gorgonnash EU cloth. Super cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Yeah... I'll agree with that.



    Also, with laughter, I'll echo my sentiment: it is for the STRONG. NOT the weak. You must be STRONG to get to the world boss! Mwahahaha
    I just use my kyrian wings! Let the peasants walk, I can fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    I'm literally looking at a 190 gloves piece on the AH right now that is up for 48k and it's the lowest one.
    Which server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    For ONE legendary. And then, as I understand it, I'd have to do it again to rank up the legendary. So your "extremely small amount of game time" is false.
    You only need to buy the base once unless you want to upgrade it each step of the way which is not efficient. Just use the 190 base and then skip straight to the 235 once you get enough soul ash.

    However I can pretty much agree with most of the things on your list. I enjoy the raid, mythic+, and PVP so I just pretty much ignore everything else. I got my 235 legendary so I'm just not dong torghast anymore. I got the stimulus check so why care about doing dailies to pay for my sub? I'm not going to do the Maw since I don't enjoy it for a couple of gem sockets so I don't do it. I can't bother going around the zones without flying/flight whistle so I don't. I'm glad Blizzard let us play the game how we want without feeling required to do stuff we don't want to do. I quit BFA from the azerite gear and other nonsense requiring world quest and island farming.
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    Sounds like it's time to move on, amigo.

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    1. While I agree I also think its great. There should be some value to death especially in the afterlife haha. You hardly die in this current build of the game outside of warmode.
    2.The story was fantastic and brought in a ton of players from different covenants to a good end. Think they add a great early intro and provide some interesting premises to look forward to. No spoilers but some old enemies seem to be very much alive and well in the afterlife. Suspect some very cool things for the games future as they unveil jailers end game plan.
    3. I don't know a single person who isn't in love with the zones / music. Think each of these zones while not my favorites perhaps each hold their own at the top of the lists immediately. Plenty to explore, very thematic, great tie ins / Easter eggs.
    4. Maw sucks ass, but that's the point of it all. Its much to be a shitty thing and slowly become something you can just overcome with ease as you get Sire rings, Venari rep, skill, and mount. It is ...Hell after all.
    5. Torghast floor 3 is for toddlers. Floor 6-8 (assuming we are talking twisted corridor and not the little kid starter 6's) is where challenges come into play. This took me a 217 Ilvl DH 8-10 ish hours to complete from 1-8. Failed 2 runs. Def. fun aspect but would like to see more implemented to mix it up. More powers, more mob variety, more Diablo esk.
    6. Legendries are the best spot they have been since their first iteration of everyone gets one. They are insanely cheap, and have longevity aspect in high crafting. A cloak 190 lego might cost you like 2k-5k for christ sake. 235s ranging from 20-300 on slot. I wouldnt be worried about this at all. No idea where you get this ill never get one mentality.
    7. Agreed....big time.
    8. The time gate is rough, but I think it adds some steady pace to progression that allows for big grinders to get ahead and be happy, and the little man some steady progress with ease. I would argue this is one of the better pacing I've seen. Very much so reminds me of gearing in classic almost. A lot slower, more meaningful, good for the game.

    I think you need to take a look at your comments and be wondering if the expansion exclusive features really fit what you are looking for in a game. No shame in falling out of an expansion that doesn't suit your needs. Curious though what feedback you want people who agree with you to give ? Adding more graveyards, flight whistle, free legendaries, removing all locks, and need to enter the maw seems like a big ask. Most of these are the very casual self paced activities of the game too that make up the core part of its design. I doubt any of these things change in the short term. If your complaints were geared at Raid / M+ / PvP id be more inclined to come up with solutions. The core systems being your major button issues though tend to put me in the mindset you may want to seek another outlet until next patch at a minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    90% of the guilds on my server are sweatlords that have high expectations even of newer players. The other 10% don't really do content while it's current. With WoW's current community, finding mature adults to do current content with is like finding a needle in a haystack.
    Now I'm positive that your post isn't serious. You say you don't raid because you don't have gear, you don't want to put in the small effort to be geared because you "can't find mature adults". Get off your high horse, no mature guild is going to take you and carry you when you're not even willing to put in a small amount of work to show you even want to play with them. It's not like "finding a needle in a haystack" there's hundreds of thousands of guilds, thousands of which have been successful for several years, you're ego is just so inflated that you think you're better than them and you feel like you shouldn't have to put in any effort. So either shut up, don't make posts like this, and quit the game or put in the effort and show people that you give a fuck, because why should anyone give a fuck about you when you're not even giving a fuck about your own character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    I don't want people to reply with comments that aren't constructive to the conversation like pretty much all of your replies. Telling someone to "stop whining" isn't constructive in the slightest.
    He/she/they has been constructive, just because you don't like what he/she/they has to say doesn't mean it isn't constructive. You're just being a salty individual who doesn't want to put in any effort to the game and then you complain about it.
    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrowz View Post
    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    This thread didn't start out great, and seems to have designed as a stealth "I Quit" blog-type thread that is unlikely to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.

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