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    Maxing Glacial Fragments vs getting Slick Ice

    With this weeks buff to frost mages, I got inspired again to play and gear her further.

    I currently have Glacial Fragments at 210, avg ilvl of 202 and about 3.5K Soul Ash after this weeks Torghast. I'm mostly pugging M+ and aiming to get some CN HC kills this week.

    I am doubting between putting that Soul Ash to maxing my Glacial Fragments to 235 for the overall ilvl bump and further improving my performance on M+ trash pulls or getting Slick Ice at 225 for single target performance and take that to M+. It is a Tyrannical week after all..

    What do you guys think? The down side of course is staying at a lower avg ilvl and having to buy multiple base items.

    On that same note, is Slick Ice strictly better in M+ on Tyrannical weeks?

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    Get them both to 225 the 235 is a minor upgrade in the end but still costs 1950.

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    I still use GF on tyrannical weeks, the dps it gives on trash is just too good.

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    I'm not frost anymore but gf felt really busted in m+ if youre making large pulls

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    If your focus is raids - Slick Ice
    If your focus is M+ - GF

    GF is just SO good in M+ and good in cleave situation that it makes it hard to pass up.

    Frosts still overall not doing great damage wise but it's definitely viable in M+ now. It's single target is lacklustre still...it's not a huge deal in M+ but in raids it suffers a lot in this regard.

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    GF ofc. It is th best on both tyr and fort weeks in M+ and on half of the CN bosses.

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