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    Quote Originally Posted by zetti View Post
    I am on the opposite side of that, I think rated PvP is the best way and the easiest way to get a lot of 226ilvl gear.
    yes, my point was that between raiders, m+ players and pvp players, the only one that got a special treatment (the endless farming situation) are the m+ player.
    mine was just a provocation.
    If blizz remove lockout from raid and conquest cap, and flat all the loot drop rate and ilvl at the same... will this be a bad thing or a good thing?
    In short.... let ppl play the game they wanna play is a bad thing or a good thing?
    and pls no whiteknight that will say "wow is not a raid simulation". I know that. like it is not a m+ simulation a trasmog simulation or a pvp simultion.... is a world... and if someone like to raid let him raid, if someone like m+ let him m+ or pvp or trasmog, just be fair within one aspect and the other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarnage86 View Post
    I like Raid, actualy is the only reason i play wow... but in latest year M+ has became the focus of wow pve.
    Now i log on reset, do normal 10/10, then pass the week in hc..., when i will finish hc, same story, loggin on reset and full clean in 1 day then stop playing.
    What if raid had no weekly loot lockout and can be redone (for loot) more time a week, let's say a daily lockout.
    Even if they cut in half the loot chance i think it will be fun for some ppl like me that just want to raid.
    Ppl who loves m+ got what they want, but why raiders can't?
    Now blizz instead of promoting raid, they nerf m+ loot, making m+ player angry, and raid player still the same in 15years....
    "Blizzard is forcing us into raiding everyday. Such pushovers" would be the main output of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninix View Post
    "Blizzard is forcing us into raiding everyday. Such pushovers" would be the main output of it.
    that's because equip is universal....
    IF raiders got Raid sets
    IF m+ players got Dungeon set
    IF pvp players got Resilence set
    If world quest / trasmog player got a world quest / trasmog set (increase rep, chance of loot in old raid)
    If pet b player got pet b sets (pet quality of random pet increase / chance of random pet b item to drop)
    Everyone can focus on what they like, instead of being forced to....
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    Raids, like dungeons now, would feel even less rewarding to an even more unfun degree because it's a lot more coordination to get together large groups for the harder content. Unless, say, Mythic raids were nerfed to the point of being very puggable from the offset like M+ is now, I don't think raiding would see as much success with this format. I don't think it's beneficial for dungeons, either, like this.

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    Raids are used for story content, while M+ is there for replayability. Lock outs have been here for a LONG time and don't need to change. If you want to keep raiding, play alts. If they were to lift the lockouts majority of people will get bored and they'd have to do something similar to M+ and add some affixs and what not to keep it fresh. But that isn't the design that goes in to Raids. As raids are designed to be choreographed fights that push story.

    But I am not the fan of the loot changes in either M+ or Raids. As my RNG is typically bad, haha.

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