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    I always find Ion's interviews funny because he keeps seeming to miss the point and keeps saying how "the team" is doing X or Y, when X or Y has been shown not to work. Maybe you need a new team that understands an MMORPG and doesn't try to turn it into Diablo, and one that stops trying to follow through with their shit ideas and actually learns what people want.
    You thinking X or Y doesn't work doesn't make it fact that is doesn't. You revolve it around your opinion of how you think it should work and declare anything that doesn't fit what you think as not working even though it works perfectly fine for others.

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    why is a lawyer in charge of WoW again?

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    Listening does not = caving to your every demand. Listening means they merely hear what everyone has to say and use it as part of the decision making process. You thinking something is awful does not mean it actually is as other players and devs disagree with you.

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    People need to stop equating listening with "Give me everything I want" because that isn't what listening is. Listening is merely hearing all the feedback and choosing the course of action that they think pleases the most people. Caving to message board demands will never lead to pleasing the most people.

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    This is player entitlement at it's worst. you did not earn loot. You earned a chance at getting loot. BIG difference. IF it instantly gave you loot, you would run each dungeon once and never again. What you want is TERRIBLE design.
    I disagree, Everyone has been saying how horrible the conduit system is for months on the beta, and months on live, and the fact that you still CAN NOT change conduits with a tome is beyond stupid, and makes duel speccing actually harder to do, since you have to leave, change your conduits and then get resummoned back.

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