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    Your thread if just dumb, sorry. You cant keep on telling that 'everybody wants this/that' without any source. Its just that u want it, it doesnt mean everybody does. Using this wording just undermines your whole thread.
    I wouldn't say the thread is dumb. But I can agree with you that I should have formulated myself differently. Obviously people do not want this. I really thought so at first though. So yeah my bad I guess.

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    While cool, it is a vast undertaking, you also can't add stuff without pulling old stuff, the damage was done in cata but going through that all over again won't make up for the lost potential of exploring new realms/worlds in Azeroth and beyond. There's a wealth of possibilities and remaking stuff we're familiar with in new settings just doesn't have the same impact as exploring the complete unknown. Besides it's much easier to move the story forward/tell new stories than it is to make sure there's no loose threads and odd ends left behind before a revamp and makeover. It can quickly end up as a hackjob even with due care and consideration. All in all it's too much work vs potential gain.
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    Honestly I do agree that a revamp is necessary. And the bullet has to be bitten sooner than later to make the world feel evergreen as an alternative to level on the previous expansion. But I don't think a revamp a la CATA would work either; there are just too many zones to create a cohesive leveling experience.

    Ideally, the old world (EK & Kalimdor) should be revamped to make it feel evergreen, not stuck in one era -there's something very interesting about the non-campaign quests of Shadowlands, in the way they are more of a slice of life of the areas we visit- but to do so in the whole of the continents, would almost for sure affect the time spent on the new level cap.

    So rather than update the whole continents as CATA did, only update a selection of starting and sorrounding areas across both continents to set it to the present, to see how the world has changed from then to now, including the presence of AR hubs -but also on that more evergreen way that can be easily tweaked to reflect the present always, like Exile's Reach would do- to create a consistent leveling experience of how the world has evolved, before leading us to the new high level content.

    As for the rest of the areas, rather than just let them stuck in CATA. make them part of more of a ever-expanding process where old zones are revamped to tell self contained stories, either by adding new chainsor tweaking the present ones to remove the time-specificity of the Cataclysm, or set specific content on them -such as Warfronts, but, again, not bound to an specific timeframe.

    A quick mock up of the idea

    Rather than factions and races having two whole zones for leveling, just keep one as faction exclusive, with the areas in yellow having large presences of Both Factions (like the Plaguelands), One Faction and Independent/Neutral Organizations (ie Hyjal) or Mostly Neutral/independent (ie Stranglethorn). This would be regardless of what faction holds narrative control of the area -Like let's say, Hyjal for the Night Elves, Barrens for the Horde)- cause there would still be independent/neutral content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Saar View Post
    Like I said... cata revamp sucked. Im talking about a totally different revamp! And I don't know... I guess we will fight the void lords at some point. But still... World revamp would be awesome.
    A totally different revamp? Can you be more specific? Are you suggesting redo the entire world and rezone the map? Wouldn't this effectively be a new world? So why not just create the new world anyway and keep the old one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Saar View Post
    I dunno dude... Nothing makes sense anymore. All this pc culture bullshit and stuff... Everything seems so shallow nowadays. Maybe it's just me getting older, and starting to get bored of things. Felt like all games had a different soul back in the days.
    Biggest difference to me was: No internet. Insight in games was presented through magazines and their review. Writers travelled to the companies, sat down with them, wrote actual stories. Ofc that meant we also saw the things how the writers would see them (and I guess articles still needed approval or proofread by the company they visited)

    Most of all you had two pages of selected "letters to the editor" where people would write their opinions. And ofc not every letter gets published. Just the ones that the magazine choses.

    Today everyone can post their opinion and you can easily find your echo chamber where all you hear is what you want to hear. And on social media like youtube, the algorithm keeps showing you want you apparently want to see.

    At the core, I don't think companies "back then" were "better". They are nice on the outside, but ofc the business model is to get your money. Only today they have more refined ways to get it.

    Getting older should actually allow us a better insight and reflection on this. If nothing else it shows how we used to hate the old folks saying "Everything was better back then" - and now we are the ones saying it.

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