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    Token not available with only minutes left on subscription

    I thought it would be a good idea to increase my game time with a token while only having like 10minutes left of my subscription.
    Going to the AH just to see that no token buyout price is available. Logged in another character but the same situation.
    So I made a new monthly sub for 12.99€ and opened the AH and all of a sudden I can purchase a token for 164k gold. 1 second after it wasn't available. Why is this a thing?

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    You can buy a token from character selection screen when you have no game time. I've done it twice. It pops up a window that ask you if you want to do so.

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    As I wrote. I had game time left. It happend in game while browsing the auction house. Or is "10 minutes left" already treated as "not subscribed"?

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    My point is that you didn't have to buy with money since you can buy tokens from character screen. AH bugging out is a given that it will happen, since its a game.

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    tokens are not endless. They are only in the AH when people buy a token for money from Blizzard. If the demand for tokens is higher than the supply then they will be sold out.

    They were sold out and a few minutes later someone bought a token from Blizzard making them not sold out anymore.

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    That's what I wanted to hear. It was just a big coincidence.

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    You don't need a subscription to buy a token

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    the amount of stupid replies in this thread is astonishing, and likely to rise because people either doesn't read or lacks the ability to comprehend what they read...

    ot : token number in the ah generally rise / fall because of supply / demand and in your situation the price was probably a bit low so people didn't buy token to sell on ah. then someone else bought and put on ah and you saw that token. this is my guess.
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    Just a coincidence. People buying game time for gold equals more money for Blizzard, so there's no reason they would on purpose "force" you to buy a sub regularly.

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