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    Thorgast is usless if u caped ashes and crafted legend. PVP tuning? PVP is broken there is no tuning.
    I mean, not really. Considering that you're definitely going to be able to use multiple legendaries at once in the future, it makes sense to stock up.

    This gets much worse if you have even a single alt, the lack of a catch-up mechanic sucks.

    PvP isn't that bad, there's just a few outliers that ruin it for the rest and Blizzard seemingly just ignores it. In fairness, this has pretty much always been the case - PvE has always been the spotlight show of WoW, PvP has and always will be a last priority fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    The new standard is PvE not dropping anything outside of the weekly vault. That alone is enough to negate whatever other qualities this xpac may have.
    This. Truly if I didn't enjoy playing with my guild and enjoy the experience of Mythic raiding I would have quit this expansion already. I truly contemplated it when my game time was up earlier this month.
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    The monthly subscription should also mail you a dozen amphetamine tablets so that you can be the best neurotic obsessed maniac you can be.

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    Honestly, this expansion feels very weak. I feel like I have no choice but to do 10 M+ every week just so I can give myself a better chance of getting a good item out of the weekly chest because it's the only source of gear that feels reliable, last week my guild did a full clear of heroic Nathria, and we had raid members who didn't get a single piece of loot the entire raid. Most of my guild have resorted to PvP to get loot, because it's the only reliable way to, the RNG of Legion and BFA was acceptable because we had much better odds of winning, this reduced loot value doesn't make getting the piece you want feel better, it makes getting something you don't want feel worse. Anima feels like Blizz took the absolute worst of the Artifact and Azerite grinds and meshed it together into something even worse, the only mercy is that it can be ignored mostly. Covenant abilities are poorly balanced, many of them are completely worthless. The followers for the mission table are just as imbalanced, Kyrian are practically worthless, Venthyr are underperforming, Necrolords can just faceroll everything, and the Night Fae can just send their rank and file melee troops at everything. Hell BG's are bugged now, the horde can bring in a high level quest escort mob that can one shot people into BG's in the 10 to 49 brackets. Also there's the fact that the soulbind conduits are shared across all the specs, which basically sticks it to anyone who plays their class in more than one spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    Of course you understand. It's the same reason why you would say this almost think BFA was better.

    Because of O-P-I-N-I-O-N-S.
    Fair enough... I just can't wrap my head around it. Do you enjoy the expansion? :P

    I mean... The covenants... the maw... Torghast?

    pvp seems pretty broken... And I mostly played for that reason :/

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    How I would fix SL:

    1) Master looter
    2) Add badges to PvE
    3) Remove timer from M+
    4) More build variety in Torghast. Longer runs with more soul ash earned.
    5) Let players swap Covenant abilities & conduits freely
    6) Buff/rework underrepresented covenant abilities. Plenty of data on this.

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