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    Frost DK - Which Legendary did you craft?

    Most guides basically say:

    Koltira: Single Target
    Biting Cold: AOE
    Frozen Champion: Balanced between the two

    What did you craft? Do you like it? Have you crafted multiple for frost?

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    Biting cold. Amazing for M+. Together with gathering storm and everfrost conduit, it feels really good. Not awful in raids cause a lot of fights have some adds. Plus raids are 10 bosses, I spend more time in M+ weekly.

    Also crafted superstrain to tank and absolute zero for pvp.

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    Depending on what content you are doing, you will potentially need 3 different Legendaries:

    Raiding - Koltira
    M+ - Biting Cold
    PvP - Absolute Zero

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