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    Still being persecuted by MMO-C moderation

    Lick ma balls


    Give me a vacation Newbs. And get a life.
    If you cant find a girl, i suggest Erotic Roleplaying with another dudes ingame.
    Maybe thats more up your alley of degeneracy.

    Im not one to talk, ive done it myself

    Is fun, you should try it


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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    i've said i'd like to have one of those bad dragon dildos shaped like a horse, because the shape is nicer than human.
    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    i was talking about horse cock again, told him to look at your sig.

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    Grow up.


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    this will not end well.
    the report systems sucks and the mods are bias.

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    Holy shit 6500 posts in a year. What in the actual fuck? 17 a day?!

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    Top kek.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlunie View Post
    Holy shit 6500 posts in a year. What in the actual fuck? 17 a day?!

    It's 2021.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ransath View Post
    Money laundering, especially prior to his election? I couldn't give a flying fuck.

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    I was here /10 chars

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    You guys are the most toxic pieces of crap ive ever met

    Moderation too

    Moderation are sons of a bitch

    I refuse to be part of this community anymore.

    I wish the non-toxic players to live a happy life Make friends. Be yourself. Live a happy life

    For the rest of toxic cunts on MMO-C? Go fuck yourselves

    Goodbye...bitches? Whatever i must say to get banned Bann me and never see me again over here.

    Live a happy life
    Did we forgot what "forever" means?
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    Still here and still posting
    Quote Originally Posted by HighlordJohnstone View Post
    Alleria's whispers start climaxing

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    This thread is going places.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Mental illness is no joke, folks.

    Except when it's this guy.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the input.

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