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    Resto Shaman stat prio?


    So I'm getting more into Resto Shammy lately but what are the main stats for raiding and for M+?

    Guides are so divided and top players stats also. One says its about crit/mastery others say its haste/crit.
    Then I see others with crit/vers. It is really confusing

    Can any Resto shammies link me their profile to see what endgame content they've done and back it up with their stats so I can get a litle bit of an idea.

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    Crit seems to be your best in most scenarios, and from what I can deduce, vers is pretty close. Mastery and Haste are about equal, but both worse than crit/vers. Depending on legendary choices, Haste may increase in value, but from what I can tell, as long as you are prioritizing ilvl >> Crit, you should be good.

    Stat prios also change quite dramatically if you want to focus on contributing to your party's overall DPS (for Mythic+ I guess) in which vers=haste>crit>mastery.

    I'd say prioritize mastery being your worst stat and you should be fine.
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    I'm a subscriber to crit / vers.

    We don't have many spells that scale well with haste (if you're casting chain heal, cut it out!), and mastery is absolutely worthless... until it isn't, and then it's nice to have, I guess.


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    There's no clear definite answer for this.

    From a pure raiding HPS perspective, mastery and crit are very good.

    However, from a m+ perspective, mastery and crit are generally the worst stats because they don't increase your DPS. Mastery gives zero dps and crit very little (because your damage profile consists mainly of lava burst which autocrits). Also, mana is not that big of an issue in m+ so haste is very valuable. Versatility gives a flat buff to everything, including your damage reduction.

    Therefore, for m+ versa and haste are superior, for raiding probably crit and mastery.

    You probably won't be doing one thing exclusively so prioritize whatever you feel fits your thing the most. In the end, when it comes to gear, item level is king. The couple of gems and ring enchants don't matter that much so don't worry about it.
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    The way I understand it, M+ You're not to concerned about mana saving so you can feel free to pump out those healing surges. Since you usually use those with tidal waves crit can go down the ladder. In raids crit is significantly higher since you're not using surge much.

    Mastery is only good when lots of players are low for long periods of time, progression raiding basically it can be useful but as your team gets better at avoiding damage this becomes less useful.

    Haste doesn't scale well like someone above me says But in m+ since you're spamming healing surges it's quite good.

    Vers is nice all around never best but always nice.

    With that in mind for raids I go try for Crit/vers but ilvl is best
    For m+ I go haste/vers

    I haven't run into any problems yet with this at 9/10 H and running +12/13s

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    I go for crit > vers myself. Haste is one of those things where I want some but don't want a bunch of, so I'll take it when it comes but I won't pick it over crit unless the piece is a big ilvl jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksehsatoo View Post
    it's crit
    has been crit
    will be be crit
    mastery had a niche
    but crit my crit you crit homie
    bro crit is universal across expansions up until the soft cap. after that your stats are pretty even.

    Mastery is meh it's only good at the start of progression which is over now. it's only saving grace is that you don't need as many points per percentage gain but as a rule of thumb i only expect to get 50% of it's value at most.

    Haste/Vers fill the same role with vers being better because it throws in the xtra DR and doesn't have a mana sink like haste. Most of haste value comes from hots (riptide/healing) and casting faster. It used to be stat you balanced around riptide tick breakpoints but that's obsolete.

    Vers is newer and since it scales universally with your spells and provides damage reduction I personally value it more. One thing i saw on Sire h was huge damage ramp on soaks coupled with movement and being interrupted/doing other mechanics. If the group didn't have a disc priest using spirit shell on the bigger soaks you would get popped if you didn't have shift/ele cond available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammypie View Post
    One thing i saw on Sire h was huge damage ramp on soaks coupled with movement and being interrupted/doing other mechanics. If the group didn't have a disc priest using spirit shell on the bigger soaks you would get popped if you didn't have shift/ele cond available.
    lol what?

    I try for crit + vers wherever possible. Right now I have 2% haste but the amount of Tidal Waves you have especially with the legendary, doesn't make this an issue.

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    Basically this is how stats go for shaman to help make things understandable

    Mastery = the only time its good is when your group is on the verge of dying with lots of people being really low on health and until then mastery doesn't really do shit for shaman (which is arguably the worst of the masteries for any spec in the game overall)

    Haste = makes you cast faster, makes riptide tick faster with the final tick being a lowered one for the remaining amount the riptide is set to heal for (new way of hots & dots working instead of there being haste breakpoints), lowers your global cooldown slightly, and increases the rate healing tide totem ticks for. Haste does NOT increase your mana regen but makes you possibly use more mana faster because you're able to cast faster with more haste. Haste is a good stat to use if you don't mind using mana pots every cooldown, use mana tide totem before you are fully out of mana and every chance you can, and good for if you're able to not cast for periods of time while your mana regens naturally and then pump out some fast heals later.

    Crit = increases the rate that your spells (direct healing spells, hots, and damage dealing spells) do double the amount...or 150% the amount I honestly can't remember which one. In terms of healing throughput, crit gives the most bang for its buck when your crit chance is high enough. This is value is lost when it exceeds the increased crit chance from Tidal Waves since going over 100% doesn't cause a higher crit amount.

    Versatility = This is the catch all stat for every spec in the game. It does the same for everyone regardless of what spec or class they are playing as. It increases the amount of healing you do, increases the amount of damage you do, and decreases the amount of damage you receive. The damage done & healing done are double that of the damage reduced. This is why if you look at the stats desired for the tank specs, all of them except for a paladin have versatility as their top or second top choice for stats.

    That being said, the clear answer of the 4 is versatility will be a stat you want regardless of the other stat on gear in terms of secondaries. It increases your healing done, damage done (flame shock, instant cast lava burst, etc) which is is something all healers have to do in a M+ setting, and decreases the amount of damage you're taking. After that take a look at what you want to accomplish. Like I explained above, mastery is only good in those few times where you really need to pump out the extra HPS but until that happens it is a shitty stat for resto shaman. That's why most guides and high end shaman raiders advise against it. Its a niche stat to have. Yes if your group/raid is routinely being brought down under 25% HP every minute or less then your mastery will be the god stat for you but if your group isn't taking significant damage very frequently, mastery is worthless since resto shaman mastery is literally that you do more healing to people who have less health. That leaves you with crit vs haste for the other stat to go after. That really boils down to how you want to play and where you think it would fit in with your play style.

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    For raiding, I'd most certainly say crit(until mana is no longer an issue)>vers=mastery>haste

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    1. Crit/vers
    2. Mastery/haste

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