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    Blame the purple haired fatty women and young male hipsters at blizzard for that

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    In all honesty, I too had a feeling of "this is cool, but feels more like a new game than Warcraft". Which isn't a bad thing, just something I noticed.

    Now frankly? I'm sick of seeing existing races "showing up and building towns" in EVERY freaking new zone we encounter. It legitimately ruins the game for me. I'm sick of human and Orc architecture, and I'd legitimately be happy to never see buildings from either faction ever again. I like the idea of "exploring unknown territory", and when there are already settlements, it kills that vibe.

    I do wonder what the Shadowlands will represent for WoW long-term, though. I suppose D&D long prior established the idea of visiting "different planes of existence", so it could work. I think the Shadowlands feel way too "Good vs. Evil", though, and that's a recurring problem with WoW. Would be nice to see them abandon these "big narratives", and focus on actual world-building. I believe it's one of the reasons The Mandalorian is so well-received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    But the SB story was far more solid than what we have seen of SL's, so far. For starters, SB didn't need to retcon like half of the existing lore or to shove a Mary Sue down everyone's throat just to be functional.
    It was also alluded to multiple times in past expansions and storylines, with proper buildup leading up to it, and wasn't abruptly introduced into the story as shock value.
    Blizzard's cutting corners again? Yare Yare Daze...

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    This jar filling stuff for a covenant purpose for a talent tree of some shit and power in the conduct of the after life

    Yeah indeed, Complete turn off

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    Quote Originally Posted by belicus View Post
    Previous expansions all added new places and creatures, but they brought existing elements there as well. You would find the classic races of Azeroth building settlements there, you'd see murlocs, goblin towns, human castles and so on.
    Shadowlands doesn't have any of that. It's all completely different to the point where it feels like I'm playing some chinese knockoff of wow.
    Even the loading screen looks more like something out of Narnia and that movie sucked.
    Also, the fact that they added a bunch of existing characters that just sit in a corner in Oribos doesn't help.

    This is my main gripe with the expansion and wanted to ask if anyone feels the same way.
    TBH the afterlife seems way too much like Azeroth IMO. Could have gone weirder.

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