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    Quote Originally Posted by Virolykana View Post
    and there went balance for pvp :P i mean i cant count to how many times meles have literaly instakilled me within 1-2 seocnds unstoppable, rouges poping a cc on u then another one and another one and another one whilst doing 20.000 hit evicarates, or paladins healing themselves from 1-35000 ina global, several times, ww monks literaly being impossible to escape due to 100% slow and several other ccs, i have never died to a convoke being cast at me becaus gues what, there are 100 ways to stop it from being cast the milisecond someone casts it, im balance and i know how to stop convoke in one fraction of a second, and then that 2 minute of chance luck someone does not interrupt it it actualy kills someone. but a rouge saping u then doing 40.000 dms in 2 seconds thats fine, a warrior leaping in and oneshoting u, monk oneshoting u, firemage popping conbustin, wich has what 1/3 of the cooldown convoke has, and just blinking left right center upp down whilst casting a 35% of ur entire health pool dma with literaly no cd, yeah, kick on the balance druid blizzard, like you always do, god forbid balance should be usable in pvp nonnonon cant have that... blizzard has never will never and cant ever balance pvp. and they literaly despice balance druids to be able to play pvp. ohh btw any 2s team has atleast 4-9 ways to stop convoke, just saying. can u say the same for any other class? no u cant

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    well they removed the one thing balance druids had going for them in pvp, every single team of 2 or 3s has atleast 5-9 ways to stop convoke it literaly takes a focus macro, u se convoke interrupt within a fraction of a second and its done, if u died to convoke, u just were not observant. getting killed by a rouge sapping u and doing instantly 40.000 dmg within a fraction of a second whilkst u literaly cant stop it, is still okey tho

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    well full moon was at the end of a 4 second long channel that can be interrupted instantly, getting sapped then evicarated for 21.000 damage is still concidered okey tho i gues,

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    well tbh is people cant interrupt the most obvius well known spell in the game, then they are shit., it was and still is the most worthless spell in the game in arena concidering people se a balance druid and they sit on them 100% poping everything nonstop on them till they are dead, several other classes had a way bigger upper hand over druids and now, even more. convoke was always a hail mary cast. it takes 4 seconds for it to come to the full moon, and any clas in the game has atleast 2-5 ways to stop it. several other spells in the game cant be stoped as easaly as convoke. monks can literaly train u indefanatly till u have nothing left to defend urself with and then u just die, most of the time as a balance u have to sit in bearform just to not die instantly to literaly everything. one of the hardest classes to master and survive with in pvp and they just made it way worse.

    so many other classes needs some kind of damage controll and nerfing but blizzard hates balance druids in pvp they always have
    Is this a troll post? Absolutely terrible spelling and grammar. Balance is the highest DPS spec in the game with the highest damage ability and you’re complaining about a nerf? Saying “just kick convoke” when not even players in the AWC were able to. If you play Balance and feel like you can’t compete after this nerf then you’re a truly shit player

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    good changes stil a few missing tho, good start none the less

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    Quote Originally Posted by formless86 View Post
    defenseless spec all over again? if you compare melee hybrids ret and feral, the ret has an absorb shield, a barkskin/thorns eye for an eye, 1 immunity bubble, 1 physical dmg immunity bubble, plate armor granting above 40% damage reduction, it actually has a finisher ability it can talent for that heals, instant cast word of glory or flash of lights.

    feral has. barkskin. survival instincts. movement speed.


    WUT BUD- edit lollayonhands
    I love how you just offhandedly mention movement speed like it's not a big deal. Mobility is one of the most important defensive tools in the game. You need some base defense to not die in a stun and if you have that, mobility is key to surviving. A ret pala is way less tanky than a feral. There is a reason why everyone focuses on ret the moment their bubble is gone. They have nothing left after that and just fall over. Their plate armor isn't helping them much either because most dps aren't doing physical damage. If you force a ret into healing then they do zero damage and you have won the fight.

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    switch my druid to necro cause im scared they're gonna nerf convoke

    they dont nerf convoke, switch druid back to nightfae 3 days ago

    they nerf convoke

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    33% nerf to mage burst. Without any compensation. Great work lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by orsraunia View Post
    WW monks do insane amounts of dmg and they stick on you like glue. They are far worse outliers than convoke or anything else atm. How can they be left untouched? Crazy. It's the no1 thing that should had been nerfed.
    Yeah they need to come for Windwalkers next. It’s sad times when Sacrolash doesn’t even work to slow them. As a Warlock with Sacrolash, Soulshape, Portal, Gateway, and Leap of Faith from Priest they still stick on me like flies on shit. Even outside clones and cat they still do an absurd amount of damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visor View Post
    33% nerf to mage burst. Without any compensation. Great work lol
    It is 33% nerf to a conduit that gives ~25%(depending on ilevel) extra damage during combustion. So no, not a 33% damage nerf. But a 7-8% damage nerf for most, but it is bigger higher the ilevel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzael View Post
    switch my druid to necro cause im scared they're gonna nerf convoke

    they dont nerf convoke, switch druid back to nightfae 3 days ago

    they nerf convoke
    You can switch back to necro without an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schattenlied View Post
    Not remotely true.

    Not only is that not remotely true % wise, WoG isn;t even the thing that needs nerfing, it's the Healing Hands talent... WoG's base value is actually pretty tame already, it's only when Healing Hands comes into cinsideration that it becomes a problem... They nerfed the wrong damn thing, and now Healing Hands is mandatory for WoG to not be trash, they just killed every other talent on that row and cemented HH as the only viable talent to pick there.
    Spot on. HH should've been nerfed and the other talents slightly buffed or something, without touching WoG base healing.
    Well met!
    Quote Originally Posted by Iem View Post
    Man even if Blizzard gave players bars of gold, they would complain that they were too heavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    Funny thing is I very rarely ever see him/her defend Blizzard so much as call out arm chair warriors for a lack of understanding how things work and how their personal opinions are not the end all be all of an argument that they act like they are.
    I don’t agree with Otaxephon’s attitude in his/her posts, but they usually aren’t wrong when calling out people’s BS reasons for disliking something. Better yet, when they try to call out Blizzard for something while the solution they present is way worse than what is happening.
    Please though, carry on with your 2 way bashing of someone while spewing nonsense about why you are bashing them.
    I didnt mean for my post to come across the way it did. I apologize for that. It is however a clear sign of bias and playing devils advocate if a majority of that persons posts consist of attacking people that voice issues they have with the game, be it constructive or overblown. In a way this is closer to systematic trolling than actually bringing value to the thread and leads to others thinking that this person believes blizzard can do no wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syh View Post
    You can switch back to necro without an issue.
    Without an issue meaning a 2hr grind and waiting an entire reset.
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