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    No, we don't.

    We need existing class issues to be addressed. We need existing class balance to not be tied to external systems that have a 1 expansion expiration date.

    You want new stuff? Add on to the existing classes. Gladiator warrior or Earth Warden Shaman come to mind.

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    No, but what we need is more love/fun gameplay/more unpruning for some specs/class.

    Monk is in a pretty bad/boring spot for years now and get ignored in every addon.

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    I don't think we need a new class.

    I think we do need mechanics/additions that are more than just skin deep. Borrowed power is fine once in a while. Expansion after expansion after expansion of it, though, has gotten incredibly tiresome. Player agency is low, and it is feeling silly how we always get this power and lose it just because an expansion is over.

    I don't think we need a new class, I think we need to feel like we are getting something new though. I think we need to have the ability to fulfill our class and character fantasies, and also make meaningful choices along the way. We need to have "hooks" to keep us coming along. Keep us interested and invested.

    I don't think we need a new class, but we absolutely do need ​something.

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    I think we're at a point where new classes start to be useless as they'll just replicate old classes. What we actually need right now is more customization for the current classes. The amount of talents are good, and I actually think covenant and conduits bring some small bonus flavour to our classes. But I think those systems could be extended. I actually loved the essence system of the Heart of Azeroth. The only thing that was shitty was how we could unlock them. I think something like essences with a better focus on class could be really good.

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    1. Does WoW need a new class for 10.0? In other words, do you feel that the lack of a new class in this expansion hurt the game, and another expansion without a new class would hurt the game further?

    Yes, it does. Far too many races were introduced to the game, which was a big mistake because it heavily burdens the artwork team. Like you said, we have not had any new class in several years. We need a strong, versatile class who can fulfill all roles and will appeal to the general public and not juswt a small group of persons.

    2. Do you think a new class in Shadowlands would have made this expansion better/more interesting?

    Yes it would have. So far, no new races and no new classes were introduced in SL. This is only the 2nd expansion in the history of WoW that no new race or class was introduced. It would have provided valuable and entertaining content for players.

    3. If there is NO new class introduced in 10.0, will that effect your purchase of the next expansion?

    Probably not. I will buy it because I am a loyal player, but it will definitely affect my opinion of the expansion.

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    Hey, so long as its not some tacky reskin of a hunter with engineering, I would welcome a new class!

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    We don't need new classes, they just blur the lines between existing classes more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Hey, so long as its not some tacky reskin of a hunter with engineering, I would welcome a new class!
    Any new class idea can be see as a reskin of an existing class. Not sure why single out Tinkers.
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    No, we don't. Blizzard needs to do a better job at balancing the ones they already have, before introducing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    That would be interesting as well. I think Blizzard needs to do something to shake up the tanking and healing spot. Blizzard was onto something cool with Fistweaving, but they abandoned it before they got it to work properly. Now it's just a generic healing spec.
    Agreed. They gave up on Fistweaving way too soon. I feel like if they'd just worked with a bit more, it could've been a solid damage-dealing/casting healer which might've had a high skill ceiling, but would have been great fun. I felt much the same about the DK "every spec can tank" model that they tried initially. It was a cool concept, especially when I could Dual Wield as a tank. They just gave up and watered it down way too fast.

    I kind of think all roles could use a shake-up, not just healing/tanking. A class should be so much more than hitting a rotation or just "swap at 3 stacks." It's part of why I think a Bard class could be interesting, or at least something similar that steps away from the holy trinity. A true support class who doesn't top any meters, but consistently is there to make everyone else better would really change up a lot of the dynamic in WoW.

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    New specs would even be exciting TBH! I'd love to see some flavor to some classes that could use it.

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    New classes are exciting new ways to experience the content, and things have been stale for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatPandaZ View Post
    Bull. It's just the need hasn't been defined. Do you need a new class to continue playing WoW? That's up to you. If you wouldn't play without a new class adding, then yes you need it. If you would continue playing without, then it is a want. Do you need to breathe to live? yes. Do you need to breathe to dive underwater for 10 seconds? no.

    Being intelligent creatures we can assume that 'need' is meant in the context of to continue playing.
    I mean yeah, sure, but my reply was to the point of no class being needed, which is entirely subjective based on individual values.

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    can you please explain your accurate words?

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